Friday, January 19, 2018

Week 64 - With Patience Unyielding (1/16/2018)

So this has been a super long week and I'm just overly exhausted so this may be short (still contemplating it in my head). It's still pretty cold here so that may be playing a factor. Things are pretty good here I'm just exhausted. Something that has been really prevalent in this long week has been patience. Here's why.

So we work with pure Spanish work here in Rupert and I'll just say it's tough. We really don't get past the first lesson for a lot of people and even then we can't get them to come to church. We've had really incredible lessons with people, it's just what follows. So it's pretty rough, but I wouldn't change a thing about it. Sure, I'm mentally and physically exhausted (some days more than others), but I'm learning how to love them continually more and more. Even if they do frustrate me. I know for sure the Lord is playing a hand in all of this. Whether I be planting a seed or seeing them progress, I will not know. 
Funny pic I saw in the Bathroom
I guess one of the things that has been pretty nice was last week a lesson that we had with an investigating family. We read with them 2 Nephi 31 and talked about being Obedient to our Heavenly Father. They flat out told us "So we're not being obedient by being baptized? Huh, I guess we need to work on that," It was just amazing to see how determined they are to progress. There are definite small miracles in the work, it's the matter of seeing them. 

Another thing that was really inspiring was the funeral of the former Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I couldn't help but cry a little during the funeral. He really was a big example for me in a lot of things. For serving a mission and just serving others. If there is one thing I will remember from him will be Service and Charity. Two things he personified magnificently. Later in the District Meeting we had that same day, we all bore testimony of something that we've liked about Thomas S. Monson and how he has influenced us. It really brought the spirit into the room. I truly love feeling that spirit. 

A translation I started for some new rules.
Found out, they already have been translated by the church...
Well there really isn't anything else I can think to put on my email that would necessarily be of good content. I just want to let you all know that I do love you and I do miss you all sincerely. Don't worry about me, I'm in the Lord's hands. Stay strong and remain who you are!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 63 - The World Keeps Spinning (1/8/2018)

Elder Cooke and I Bowling
Final Score
So this week there have been tiny miracles everywhere. It's been really amazing to see them all. One focus for me specifically has been the power of Prayer. Prayer has all sorts of definitions and meanings, but the one I like the most is that it is a two way conversation with us and God. And one of the greatest things about Prayers, is that he always answers them. I've seen that as a key focus this week in just about everything. We've had some really good lessons this week one in particular that was pretty cool with a family that we met not too long ago. We got in not knowing what to expect. From the go, we started talking about their questions and I felt the need to ask if we could start out with a prayer. We did and the atmosphere changed, like I'm not kidding it was different. We bore simple testimony of the things we know that led to helping their questions being somewhat answered. We asked if they read from the Book of Mormon and wow there was peace in the room. It was remarkable. We left them with a promise to continue reading and to pray about it and they will receive an answer to their questions. We left and we were in utter shock as to what happened. It was really nice knowing what a simple prayer to start out, could do.

This week has been a really great week. Went on exchanges twice and just did a lot of Spanish work. Got to go back to my old treading grounds of Declo and got to see some of the people I was working with when I was there. It was great to go back and see some of the amazing people I knew while I was there. It sure was a sweet treat to go back and visit those I taught and also some people I had contacted before I got transferred out. It was really awesome.
Then with a second exchange I got to stay in Rupert and we worked at the Spanish. I was with a new missionary and we just worked at the Spanish (since that is all we do). We worked and I was amazed by how much he could grasp from a conversation that we'll have with a first contact or with someone that we've been teaching. It amazed me! and it was awesome! 

Things are going good here in the great old state of Idaho. I've decided that I'll be staying here in the Rupert area for awhile. I just got that feeling, but who knows where I'll end up. I'm loving the mission each day and it's hard to think I've been out for as long as I have been. Time just flies on the Lord's Errand. 

One last thing. We had the opportunity to try out our new technology in teaching. We have an investigator that it has been hard to meet with so we decided that we would try a Facebook lesson. And to our surprise it worked. We taught them over Facebook just small simple things like reading and going to church. It was quite cool to see how we could have a productive lesson using it. Also got to reconnect with a family I was teaching in my previous area whom I love so much. They moved and I was able to find them once again and started to connect with them. It's amazing what technology can do in the Lord's work. I truly testify it's for his work and not mine. 

I love you all and I miss you all!! Stay happy and have a great week everyone! Remember, you're with me always!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week 62 - New Year New Me? (1/2/2018)

Selfie after Interviews
So this week has been quite spectacular, but also long to say the least. It's a New Year and most people quote New Year New Me. I'd like to change that to New Year Progressing Me. Life is about progression and it makes no sense (at least to me) to be new. We're all unique in our own ways and to progress is key. Let's start out by defining progress: "forward or onward movement toward a destination." Now we've all got goals in mind and we certainly do want to achieve them. Consider this new year as a way to achieve those goals. And to make them last so we can continually, "Light the World". 

New Years Eve
I've seen how progression can really be vital. This past week we finally were able to meet with some of our investigators and one of them conveniently we met with while on Exchanges. So my companion could not speak Spanish at all and I was left alone to teach. Used to it, but I don't like it. Went in with no idea what to teach or even what to do. Said a quick prayer in my heart that we could be guided and we definitely were guided. We asked about how they were doing on their Book of Mormon reading and they were reading just before we arrived. We talked about what they read and we were able to answer the question that they had. It's amazing to see how the Spirit can truly help us after not meeting with someone for quite a long time. It's been truly a gift none of the less. To close that lesson we committed them to read and pray, to ask God, about any question that they would have and also to ask us. We were able to connect with them on Facebook and whenever they need to ask us something, we can answer in a group chat. It's pretty nice seeing the Lord's hand in this work. It's been incredible.

Staying busy this last week has been really easy with meetings and such and I'm hoping to take  break for a little bit to get back down to Earth. It's been nice and all, but I love just doing the work. Thank you to everyone who has made 2017 an amazing memory I really appreciate it. Let us make 2018 an amazing year! I look forward to all the blessings that come with it.

I love you all and I miss you all. I hope you all stay safe and enjoy the time you have!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 61 - Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo (12/26/2017)

Elder Cooke and I
Elder Cooke and I
Well family this has been a real blessed week. And I've also decided to change up the way I do my email. This has been a really good week to see all the softening go on here in Idaho as we made contact with some people. So this will be relatively short. Just this week we came in contact with a family that is probably prepared if we let the spirit guide us. We went and knocked on their door and they let us in with open arms. We get in and right from the get go we start talking about the questions that they have and we bounce all over the place on their questions. We were just going back and forth trying to answer and elude to a Gospel topic, but every attempt we gave failed. It was rough, but the spirit guided us as to what we needed to say. As our time was limited, we closed with testifying of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we did, you could tell the atmosphere changed. They listened, to the spirit. It was remarkable. They accepted the copy of the Book of Mormon and committed to read it before we come back and to also have questions and we will do our best to answer them. Right as soon as we left, we both could tell that there was something different and that we may have found a good progressing investigator family. We are truly excited about that. 
Temperature in the Car

As well with that we came in contact with one of our other investigators that we've been trying to get a hold of for a while now. We did and shared Light the World and he was touched. He immediately grabbed his schedule to see when he had time off and we set a return appointment for that day. He was really happy to see us and we were really happy to see him. It was amazing how the spirit guided us to him and how he opened up the door for us to come on in. This has been truly a blessed week.

Well friends and family I love you a ton and I truly do miss you. Another Christmas done in the field and I can truly say, "I'll be home for Christmas". Thank you for the love and support have a great week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
What we shoveled

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Week 60 - Meetings (12/18/2017)

Had to take a selfie on the new phone
So this week has been really different to say the least. We started out obviously with our Monday normal preparation day activities. My companion and I got really sick towards the end of the night so we decided to go and rest so that way tomorrow we would be all good to go. 

When we got the phones
Tuesday came and so did the rest of the week as we just had meeting piled on top of meeting. It was unbelievable how many meetings we could get sucked into. It was ridiculous!!! One of the meetings that we did have this week was with the new technology that we are receiving. They gave us some loaner phones to test run and figure out how to use them, basically throw us into the cold deep end. We've been figuring out and wow it is so different than everything I've done this past year. It's crazy. No more planners, no more area book, and no more records on paper. Everything is on the phone. It's incredible! As we dive into it more, we'll be able to access our Facebook accounts and start online too! It'll be pretty cool when the time comes down to it. But our purpose stays the same which is cool. No changes on how we do the work, it still goes on with the Spirit. I really don't have much to write this week which kinda sucks, but it is what it is. Meeting after meeting sure does drain you. I finally understand dad why after so many meetings from work, you're sooo tired. 

Well everybody, I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!! And Merry Christmas to you all!! Remember the reason, for the season!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
We were in the newspaper

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Week 59 - Smartphones??? Say What??? (12/11/2017)

Zone Conference
So this week has been really crazy, really tiring, and diligent. Being here in Rupert and just working with pure Spanish is hard, but I love it. The hard thing is getting them to commit to a return appointment. It's difficult, but we'll figure something out. So we worked pretty hard Monday night and we were able to get into one door and have dinner with this family that I have been trying to get in since I came to the area. It was very nice to finally get to know them. We pretty much ended there and that was that. 
Zone Conference

Tuesday we had a surprise meeting that Elder Castellano and I had to go to Twin for. We were kinda confused but when we got there, everything made sense. We worked hard before leaving to try and meet with some people, but no avail. Went to the meeting and we were in a 4 way Skype call with Missionaries in Boise, Salt Lake IT Department for the Church, and someone who is assisting role out technology for our mission. It was crazy as we got the whole spill down and how this will work. We are getting Smartphones. Pretty cool. Beats having this old slide phone for sure. We then came back to our area and tried meeting with some people, but had to reschedule a lot of those visits. 

Zone Conference
Wednesday we had Zone Conference and that is when our Mission President publicly announced that we are getting Smartphones. Everyone was cheering for joy. It was crazy. We had a really good program of Christmas songs and people playing the piano. It was really awesome to hear all of it. We came back to our area and tried to see some people,but no one was home! It was so weird. We then called it as it was getting pretty late into the night (I promise I'm in when I need to be in).

Elder Silva and I
Thursday was such a hard working day. We planned out exchanges with Malta Elders and then planned out our week and day, then got to work. We had a lot of closed doors and no one wanting us to come in. Luckily we found some service and helped a lady move out. We were gonna help her move in, but we got a call from the mission office saying that a set of Elders was getting evicted from their home. So we had to find a place for them to live and they are now living with us. It's pretty fun! 

Friday we had exchanges with Malta and I stayed in Rupert and came with Elder Silva who is from Peru.
He's an awesome Elder!! We worked hard. We went to Heyburn cause we also cover that and we met a really nice lady who is a member, but has fallen away a little, but she invited us to come back which is always a good sign. We worked hard and we didn't see a lot of success, but we saw a lot of growth for sure as we diligently worked at it. 

Zone Conference
Saturday came and we went to Almo for the Baptism of a family that I taught in Elba. It was so great to see them get baptized and see them later in a year get sealed as a family for all of time and eternity. It was really touching. We exchanged and Elder Castellano and I made the drive back to Rupert and it was such a pretty drive. I don't have any pics cause I was driving, but wow it looked incredible. We then got to work and tried a lot of people. Fell a little sick as the day carried on. Took some medicine and it knocked us both out. Right when we got up we went back to work. Stayed diligent still to nothing. 

Sunday... wow it was long! Elder Castellano was so sick, but he was a trooper. We went to four sacrament meetings and two of them were for retirement homes. It was pretty nice. Got to play the piano and a special musical number that I wrote up. It was awesome. After the fourth sacrament meeting I could tell Elder Castellano was dying. We came back home and he took medicine that knocked him out. I studied for the time he was knocked out. We tried some people and still nothing. Got some things planned out for today and worked till it was time to come in. 

This week has been exciting, but as I said in the beginning, those things as well. Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!! 

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Week 58 - Mid Transfer Transfer??? (12/4/2017)

Elder Castellano and I
So this week has been a really crazy one to say the least. On Monday we had a good preparation day and I got to do a little soccer training which was nice to do. It definitely is a lot harder to play in a gym than on a field for sure. We then tried contacting some people that we had appointments for, but they all fell through. So we spent the night just contacting. Went back to our place and hit the bed hard cause we had to be up early to make a drive to Boise the next morning.

Our Christmas Tree
Tuesday we met up with Elders in Burley and hopped in their car and made the drive to Boise. Stopped in Jerome had breakfast and picked up Elders in Jerome and drove the rest of the way to Boise. We got to Boise and had a really long meeting about some things that will be happening in the mission which is pretty cool. We were in Boise for the longest time so we decided to have dinner up there before we made the three hour drive back to Rupert. As we were driving to a restaurant, we got a text from President Bartlett asking if we could call him ASAP. We called him and didn't answer. As we parked the car, he called. He was calling to let us know that a mid transfer was about to happen. Elder Farr would be going to Boise and I would be receiving Elder Castellano. He said he would call us that night to discuss further instructions. We were shocked to hear that. We were all thrown off. We had dinner and the entire drive home, we were trying to figure out why this was happening. Elder Farr spent the night packing.
Elder Castellano and I
Wednesday he finished packing and we had to be in Boise at 12 so we took off and made it there in good time. We performed the Transfer, had lunch and made the drive back to Rupert. I'm sick and tired of making that drive. Dad, I have no idea how you did it, but I commend you! We made it back to our area and just got to work. We found a really great new investigator making a contact. She is prepared and we are excited to meet her again today. We did a lot of good things and we then came back to our place so Elder Castellano could unpack.

Thursday we stayed in cause Elder Castellano was sick, like crazy sick it was bad. Did a lot of planning and studying.
Friday we had a pretty packed day. We had a lot of meetings taht we had to go to. We first had one in Rupert with the Rupert District. We then had lunch then went to Declo to have a meeting with the Declo District. From there we went and made a lot of contacts. It was pretty crazy. We then had dinner and after dinner, we got right back to work. We then went and exchanged with the Acequia Elders and I stayed in our area. 

Saturday was a good day. We worked a lot. We had a correlation meeting at 10:15 and we correlated about the stake and how things are going in all the areas. Then went crazy doing some area book work. Had a few referrals to hand off to the Spanish Sisters after all that work. We then grabbed some lunch and got right back to work. It was crazy how much we worked. We had some really good contacts and will hopefully have some good returns with all those that we contacted. We then exchanged back and Elder Castellano and I talked about our exchange which was pretty nice.

Sunday we had church and wow we were at church for forever. We went to three different sacrament meetings and then went to a lesson after church. Then from there we had to drive up to Elba to give a baptismal interview to a family I taught in Malta. It was really cool to see them again. Elder Castellano did all the interviews and it went all well. While all of this was happening, the weather outside escalated. It was windy and it began to snow like crazy. It then froze and became ice which was terrible. We then made the drive back to Rupert and had a late dinner. Then went back at it to work. We were pretty exhausted. It was crazy. 

Well that's how my week was. It was crazy and we enjoyed all that we did. It was pretty nice to see all of the little miracles that we saw this week and I know for sure the work we do is never wasted. I love you all and miss you all with this Holiday season. You are always in my heart and I love you all!! Hope you enjoy your week and remember, Christ in Christmas!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa