Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week 88 - Oh it is Wonderful (7/2/2018)

Well....This week has flown by... It seems like that quote time flies when you are having fun, actually does exist in real life. Last week was pretty neat, it's almost all a blur, but luckily, it isn't (if that makes any sense). I guess I'll start off with our Preparation Day last week. We had a good activity of playing some hockey and it was fun. We then got to work that night as we were prepping things and getting ready for the baptism that we were going to have. Had a great visit with this one family and I'm so grateful that I can play the piano. They had this nice old piano and the subject of piano may have been brought up and so they asked if I could play. Needless to say I did and...wow. The spirit was there. It didn't matter how old that piano was or even how bad out of tune it was, the Spirit was strongly there. They asked me to play a few hymns (church songs) and I gladly did throwing in a little bit of my heart into it. It was really neat. 

Tuesday was quite a day. We had an appointment early that morning and we took off one end of our area. We then came back and grabbed a quick lunch then had interviews with our mission president. Had a really good interview with him. Made me happy to hear that I can actually still teach people in Spanish if I find them. That was really awesome to hear. After that we drove to Glenns Ferry to do an exchange with the Assistants and I went up to Boise with one of them. What a drive. Got up there and immediately got to work. It was really neat. It scared me when he told me we were going on Splits. I kinda freaked out cause I did not know his area at all. Luckily he made it easy for me. I ended up going with the Ward Mission Leader. Had a good night with some really great visits. 

Floor Hockey
Wednesday we got up and had a District Council (I'll explain later). Really good seeing a District come together and really discuss what the needs are of the District. We then ran some errands and made our way back to Glenns Ferry to exchange. We then made our way back to Jerome. Had a really night the rest of that night and it was pretty great. We were getting all ready for the Baptism and figuring things out. Turns out, Missionary Work is a lot of planning (haha more like stress). Luckily we got plans all out and we were set for tomorrow. 

The gift I was given
Thursday, what a beautiful day. We got through our weekly planning session and it was really good with all the plans that we made. It was very well needed. We then had a quick break and got to work for a bit. We then made our way back to the church building to get prepared for the Baptism. It was such a Spiritual Experience. Did some run throughs of the songs that I would be playing on the piano. It was pretty nerve wrecking. But we made it through. It was wow breath taking. The Spirit was so strongly there it was incredible, I really don't have words that I could put to it. After the Baptism was over a girl came up to me after the Baptism and asked if I was Elder Ruesch. I of course just said yea that's me. Turns out she served in the Rancho Cucamonga Mission and was pretty close to my Stake!! She served in the Hesperia Stake and did some work with the YSA!! It was pretty cool talking to her and the coolest part was that she knew someone that I knew!! It was awesome!! As we were leaving the Baptism, we asked the girl that got baptized if she had thought of anyone to confirm her and give the Gift of the Holy Ghost. She took me off guard when she had asked if I could do it. I said yes a little surprised though, but like I said, I just couldn't find words. Probably because I can't English...

Me and the Sunset
Friday was quite an interesting day. Went to Shoshone for another District Council and it was awesome!! Came back after that and did some service at the food pantry. It was funny, started talking to a Peruvian in Spanish and he had no idea what I was saying. It was pretty funny, but a little difficult to get on the same page being that we know different Spanish... We then had some studies and got to work. Had a good contact with a guy and we may be doing some service there. We then had dinner which was pretty good. We then had some good time to go out contacting people. Sadly didn't catch who we were looking for at home. But, it's the life.

Saturday was a pretty neat day. Had some good early meetings and we even got to do some service for a member. Demolition, my kind of thing. We then got down to business and went on a finding spree hoping to find someone home. Sadly, didn't find anyone. Next time though. And then we did! There was someone that we tried getting a hold of and it turns out, his phone got shut off so he could never get a hold of us. As we talked on the porch he was hoping that we would come by. Good timing that we did. We then made our way to the church to do some studies and had some thighs rescheduled. Then made our way out to dinner. Had a really good dinner and I think right as soon as word gets out that I can play piano, I may be used a lot. Our dinner just so happened to be the Choir Director and she kinda put my skills to the test. Had me sight read a lot of broad way and musical songs. Which I was okay with. Helps, I need the practice. After all that we drove out to the middle of nowhere to contact some families and we caught one of them home which was nice, but the rest were out of town. Worked our way back into town and had some good contacts to close the night. Pretty fun.
My watch glowing

Sunday was a great and wonderful day. Woke up and had an early meeting. We then had church from 9-2. Really spiritual. Also got to confirm our now new member a member of the church and it was so amazing. Words just can't really express what I want to say. She's so awesome and I know that she'll do great things. Had all this church and we were exhausted. This girl also gave the both of us a gift with a letter and it was so amazing. I love getting that feeling that there is a reason for why you're somewhere. I just love getting that feeling. As long as I don't get transferred out of here...again. After that we had a good time contacting people and it was fun. Had an appointment and it went well. Made our way back to our dinner and it was really good. We then tried some names then had our studies. Then concluded with another meeting. Really good night and it was fun.

So there is a little cliff hanger that I left and that is because our teaching tool just got updated. Preach My Gospel, which is basically a guide that was intended to help missionaries learn how to teach and all this other stuff, got updated and it is no longer just for missionaries. It is also for every member of the Church. It is so awesome and we've been challenged to read it everyday. It is awesome seeing all the changes that are in it. It is really remarkable. If you have the time, I'd encourage you to read it. It's amazing seeing what advice it gives all members of the church. I know I've learned a lot already. This week was just awesome and I'm excited for the ones that are ahead of me!! I love you all and I miss you all!! Take Care!!

Elder Ruesch

Week 87 - What Do I Know...? (6/25/2018)

Well this week has been super crazy!!! I have no idea where to begin. Well, I guess I can start on Monday. What a day that was. So things got crazy and we ended up going on a three day exchange. Things worked out by the third day, but we didn't get much work done in our area. We went into the other Elder's area and worked hard!! We had a few appointments in ours that we kept and Elder Tauanu'u and I flipped a coin to see who would take those and I got the toss. Had an amazing lesson with one of our investigators on Tuesday and it was such an amazing lesson!! Can definitely say, she is so prepared. It was awesome! We then worked in their area for Tuesday and Wednesday and it was a complete grind!

Thursday came around and we were back together, it was awesome! We had our weekly planning session and it was really into detail as we got to work on adding plans to our investigators. It was awesome! We then waited around a bit for the other Elders so we can talk with them and it turned out to be a really good moment for all of us. We then went to an appointment we had set and we just talked and had a great time talking about missionary work. It was neat. Booked it back into town for another appointment and it fell through. So we went on a finding spree and didn't find much. Some dirt... We then had this really awesome lesson to close the night with a family who just recently met with missionaries and is interested. We talked for a long time with this guy cause he had a lot of questions. At first he was pretty skeptical about me, but then started to like me as we talked. He was really nice too, cause he said he had a lot of dogs and cats in his house and Elder Tauanu'u said that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to enter since I'm allergic and he was like that's alright we can talk outside! Super nice guy. We talked and he whipped out 3 guitars and he started jamming. Let's say, we knew what to talk about from that point. Talents. It was a really nice conversation. 
Friday came and it was Zone Conference. It was a great day!! Our Mission President announced that Zone Olympics are making a comeback and we are playing soccer!!! Time to get myself back into Soccer Shape!! (lol). It was a really good Zone Conference and we enjoyed all that we learned. As we were leaving we had some car problems and it wasn't good at all. We got it fixed though which was great. We made our way back to Jerome and had some good contacts and some good things that we did. It was fun.

Saturday was a great day. We had a meeting in the morning with some service, it was awesome!! Got a lot of good things done and we even got to pick some strawberries!! Afterward we made our way back home to change and eat and we had a good little comp study and we got to work. Went on a contacting spree. After that we had some really great lessons. We had one with a couple and wow they dropped some huge surprises on us!! One that they are getting married and two they've been thinking a lot about the husbands baptism!! It was so awesome to be there for that. And the next great lesson came an hour later with one of our other investigators. She is so prepared, it's awesome! We taught some commandments and wow she's prepared. We were able to set her on baptismal date for June  28th and she's super excited!! After the lesson she asked when we could meet again and we had an appointment with her on Sunday!! Best thing about Saturday was at the lesson with the couple. The husband said the closing prayer and in his prayer he thanked God for letting Mexico win another game!! I was cheering for joy in my head when I heard that.
Sunday was jam packed!! From 7:30-2:15 we were in meetings all day. We were about exhausted!!! After all the church meetings we went home and had an early dinner. Then we had our Facebook video chat with the same investigator. We taught everything else she needed for baptism and she is super excited for it!! It's awesome!! After that we tried some people and found some people we'd been trying to look for!! It was so awesome just seeing how the spirit could direct us!! It was an amazing day to say the least!!
Well that's my week in a nutshell! This week has been super great and a good learning experience for me. You all may not be able to notice, but I've been struggling with English. I know weird right. I grew up with it, but at the same time, I have grown up with Spanish too. I'm back to that internal conflict where I have no idea what I'm saying in English. A lot of the time, I have to reword things several times before I get it right. Crazy... It's getting better though... I think. Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy things!! I'm going Mexico all the way for the World Cup!!! VIVA MEXICO!! 

Elder Ruesch

Week 86 - The Shoe and The Swim (6/18/2018)

Buenas Tardes Familia y Amigos! This week here in Jerome has been pretty crazy!! Have had some different weather here so it has been strange. Start off with Preparation Day last week, we had the nice opportunity to play some floor hockey and it was incredibly fun and we were all sore when we finished. We then got to work and had some amazing appointments that night. We had a great Family Home Evening with a family as we talked about Spiritual Strength and Physical Strength relating it to the story of Samson! It was awesome!!
Tuesday was quite a day. There was a meeting for the District Leaders and me and my companion were with their companions. Needless to say, I went back to Spanish!! And best of all, I was with Elder Blasidell again!! We had rocking time contacting so many people. Had one that the lady talked and then started yelling at us haha it was funny. We worked all day and then his companion came back and we unexchanged and I was back with Elder Tauanu'u (pronounced Taw-wa-new-ou). It was a great day.

Wednesday we had a wonderful District Meeting and we went out for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant here in Jerome. Great food. We then had some quick studies and we went and did some service. We sang to some old people. They had a piano and I was initially going to play and the rest of the Elders and Sisters sing, but we changed and I joined the choir and we went accapella. It was wonderful. We then went and got to work trying to contact some people and some names as we got to working. It was pretty fun. We then had to do some errands and I got to see some familiar faces and heard some stories of how things are going down in Rupert. Pretty cool. We then had two great appointments that night and it was awesome as the spirit was in both of them!! It was amazing!!

Thursday we had the classic planning session and boy was it long. It was really good though as we planned for all of our people and helping them come unto Christ more. We had pushed everything back a little later cause we went over in planning and figuring stuff out so we were pushing through some things. We then got to working pretty hard and had a great lesson with one of our investigators. Funny story, he was looking for his Ensign that we had given him to read a Conference talk. He starts looking for it and his wife comes in and starts to yell at him for wasting our time. He was digging through his drawer for it and his wife came in. He tried explaining it, but she wouldn't let him so he sat down and we pulled our phones out and read with him. We were dying of laughter and we joked about it afterward. We read the talk with him and wow it was so powerful. After that lesson we had a Facebook video chat lesson and it was really awesome!! I love the tools the Lord has given us to teach the Gospel. It was a really great lesson. We then had some meetings to close our night and it was awesome!

Friday was interesting. Drove all the way to Shoshone for another meeting and it was a long drive there. Had another great District Meeting and it was so awesome hearing all the missionaries share their miracles with the work they are doing. We then came home late and we had to rush over to do some service at the food bank. It's been pretty nice helping others and a good opportunity for us to meet new people. I was able to use my Spanish a bit to help out some Hispanics that came in during our shift. We then did our studies and had some good proselyting time as we got to work. We contacted a lot of people and tried finding some people it was crazy how fast the day went. Poof it was gone just contacting.

Saturday was such a miracle. Someone that I taught in Buhl was getting baptized and I had asked for permission to go back. Our Mission President gave the go ahead under certain conditions. First being that we had an investigator go and Second being that we get a ride to there for it. We were able to get the first one and worked on the second one. We were able to invite one of our investigators the night before and they said they would go. We just needed a ride there. So we called and worked in trying to find someone and we eventually did. It was by a miracle. We made it to the baptism and it was awesome seeing this little girl get baptized it was awesome! Another great thing was, that this was our investigators first baptism, ever!! She really enjoyed it! After that we came home and we got busy at work. We had another meeting and then we got down to business and started on a finding spree. Found some people and had good contacts. We were able to catch one of our investigators that we've been trying to find for quite some time. It was awesome! We even helped in jump starting her car! We then had some really great appointments to close the night which is always great!

Sunday was a day! We got up and ready for a lot church. Had some great surprises with people coming to the 2 wards and the branch that we cover. It was awesome!! Even a great Fathers day. Got talking with a lot of people at church and even had some great lessons at church too. It then started to rain. We thought it would be a great opportunity to tract cause people will probably let us into their homes. So we parked and we walked. I didn't get soaked, but my feet and shoes did. I had my handy umbrella and as we are walking my foot is making a "squish" sound kinda like a duck. I came to realize that my shoes have holes on the bottom and right where the heel is, it lets in a whole bunch of water. And my feet were swimming. I was soaked. We came home after 2-3 hours of tracting and I changed my socks and my shoes. It was quite an experience. It was a good day though. Got a lot of referrals. 

Today we went to Twin and I got myself some "new" shoes from DI to last me till I finish my mission. Hopefully, these will hold up. Well I love you all and I miss you all! I hope things are going great for everybody back home!! It has been an awesome transitory week for me!! Hope everybody stays safe!!

Elder Ruesch

Week 85 - ZEBRAED!! (6/11/2018)

So this week has been crazy!! I'll explain the title later in my email.
Last Monday we had a great Preparation Day just chilling at a park, it was awesome! Right after that we got to work and tried contacting some people and it was pretty great contacting done. We also tried saying goodbye to one of our investigators cause she's moving and she did move. It was sad to see them leave. 

Tuesday was a good day of working hard!! We met a lady on Monday and we offered to do some service for her Monday night and we came back on Tuesday to help out. She was so very grateful for what we had done. She had sent texts to us of appreciation, it was all really nice. We then went and took a photo with our investigator and fellowshipping family. It was neat to say goodbye again. After that we went to an appointment that we had to cancel because we couldn't get anyone to come with us to that appointment. Afterwards we did some more contacting and we then had a lesson with a lady and it was really neat being able to testify of how our Heavenly Father will help us in all our trials. Luckily we had another lesson in the vicinity so we walked from house to house getting to our next appointment which was really great as well. We just got to know this lady since we've been trying to contact her for a month and even before I got to Buhl the Elders have been trying to get a hold of her. We finally did and got to know her. We then booked it from their to our dinner and then had a great appointment to close the night with one of our investigators. It was a really great appointment as we talked with her about what she wanted with this life and how she would progress by following the commandments our Heavenly Father had given us. We came home after that appointment and we awaited the call of transfers. We were in watching the Face to Face with President Nelson when the call came in...and I was told I was leaving to go to Jerome!! I pulled a one and done in Buhl and made my way to Jerome!! The reason for my title is this... I'm no longer teaching in Spanish!!!!!! I'm in a pure English Area... I cried...
Wednesday, I got to packing my things in between all the appointments that we had. We did a lot of service that day and it was pretty great! It was awesome being able to serve. We tried a lot of people and we even had a great lesson with a lady and it was awesome! We then had dinner and we even helped our dinner out with some service. We installed an A/C unit into their window. It was quite a tight fit. I then got to packing my things again and then we got a call from my good ol trainee Elder Blaisdell in Jerome, telling us of a family that is moving into the area. So we got a hold of this family and helped move them in. It was pretty cool as it was the last time, I'd be using my Spanish :'( 
Thursday was a good day. Got up and finished packing and said all my goodbyes to those I got close with in the 6 weeks I was there. We then made our way to Twin Falls and I met my companion and helped out some of the other missionaries get settled and situated and then we went to Jerome! So far I've been loving it here. I'm not used to solely English, so that'll be a transition for me. But something before I go to far. Our mission President caught me and my companion, which by the way is Elder Tauanu'u, and had asked him if he knew Spanish. He said no, and Mission President said, "Pay attention, you've got a good teacher." and walked away. We were confused and we have no idea what he meant by that. We got to working that night and it flew by.

Friday we had our weekly planning session and it was really great. Afterwards we helped out at a food bank here in time and it was pretty fun. I actually got to use my Spanish there. We then went and tried a few people, then had to run some errands. Got things settled and we went on a grid teaching. We had a party that night and we were trying to get people to that party and it was really neat getting people to it. It was a work in progress, but the party was awesome! So far I've been blessed with awesome members in every ward I've served in. 
Saturday we got to working pretty dang quick in the day! We had a meeting in the morning and we then started to get things going for investigators as for rides to church. We then helped out the Spanish Elders with their trash cause someone stole their trashcan. Who does that?!?!? We then had a good lesson with one of our investigators and he has really changed according to Elder Tauanu'u. So that's pretty cool. We then had inspections and we later tried contacting some people in the area. Had dinner and then we tried some people after that and we met a guy to finish the night which was awesome!! He just moved here from Riverside California and he had a great experience with the church down in Riverside. It was awesome!! He was a miracle find for sure. 

Sunday was a day jam packed with meetings. It was crazy. We bounced between wards and the one YSA ward we cover.It was crazy! We were able to make some contacting which was pretty awesome! We got appointments all set this week and we closed our night with one of our Bishops talking about the area. It was pretty cool!!

So yeah that's my week for you here in the Jerome area! It's weird that I only got to be in Buhl for one transfer, but I guess I am needed here for a purpose. Don't know what yet! I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!!

Elder Ruesch

Week 84 - Time Flies! (6/4/2018)

Mission Tour

Wow has time flown here in Buhl!! One transfer down here and it has been awesome!! Best part of this week are all the milestones!  June 5th, 20 months in the field, June 7th, 20 years old, June 8th my brothers graduation!! It's so awesome!! Shout out to you bro for graduating!! Well this week has been a real busy one. We got a lot accomplished. 

Wednesday we had Mission Tour, which is basically where an Apostle or a Member of the 70 comes and sees the mission and how it is doing as a whole and then gives a huge training to help us missionaries out. We had the opportunity of being with Elder Taylor of the 70 (he gave the Am I Child of God talk this past General Conference). He taught us how we can find more people and teach tons better and teach the way Christ taught. It was an eye opening experience and it was really neat!! We learned a lot that we applied that night in one of our lessons. We decided to use the scriptures a lot more this past week to help us in teaching and we saw some huge blessings by doing that simple thing. As we taught using the scriptures a whole new atmosphere was present in the room and it was awesome! I wish I could say it was a huge success story, but not all stories end up like that. 
Got to see Elder Blaisdell again

Thursday as we all know is the famous planning session. It was awesome how much we got done in that planning session. As we were planning it was down pouring so hard! We booked it back to our house and and got all dried up. While at the house, we did our studies and then we tried to do something a little different. We decided to call a whole bunch of former investigators (those that were taking lessons from missionaries, but haven't in awhile) and we talked with those that answered to see if they would like to have us come back and share a message with them. A lot said no, but we had a few that said yes. It was really awesome. It stopped raining after our dinner so we used that to our advantage and we went and met some new people. We had an appointment that fell through cause they were sick, but we did get an amazing contact out of it a few houses down. We then had our wonderful English class....but no one showed up :( I used it to prepare for somethings later in the night which was pretty cool.

Friday we went on Exchanges with some Elders in Twin and I went to his area. It was pretty fun. We did some service in the afternoon loading a dresser, a mattress, a box frame, and a frame. We got it all in and the people wanted us to help unload it and they said it was only a few miles down the road. Turns out, it was more than that. We almost ended up in Buhl. It's funny looking back on it. we then had some great lessons that night and an amazing first lesson as we taught this lady for the first time. She felt the spirit, we felt the spirit, and the member felt the spirit. It was awesome. One of those good moments in a missionaries mission. 

Saturday we exchanged back at a baptism and we came back to Buhl. That day we just went pure contacting and by the end of it all, we were tired. Had dinner which rejuvenated us, but back at we went. We met this cool guy to close the night whom we've been trying to visit for awhile, but he's been gone. We finally got to meet him and it lasted quite awhile going back and forth talking with him about his beliefs and the Gospel. It was really cool. 
Sunday was such a great day. Went to church and had tons of meetings like normal. We had time to squeeze one of our studies in and then off to a lesson. Had the lesson and then dinner. Then after dinner we squeezed in another study before another lesson. They were a no show, so we went contacting again. We met a really cool family after staying pretty diligent and it was neat. They had us in and we got to talking with them and it was great as we got to know them and share our personal testimonies of the Gospel. Of course though, we forgot one of our studies and that is what we ended yesterday night with. It was coo. I also got asked to play a musical number for one of the wards we cover. It's a packed day that day cause there is a missionary "farewell" talk. It'll be pretty cool to see what I come up with.

This week has been awesome and I've been enjoying every minute of it! I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!! 

Elder Ruesch

Week 83 - Step Back, Breath and Jump (5/29/2018)

Well this week has been a really good week to say the least. I gave you the account of what happened last week with the temple and afterwards was really great!! We had a few appointments that were no shows so we filled in the time meeting new people. We met this guy who felt like he was outcasted by the community. We told him that people are imperfect and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is meant to help fill in that empty feeling of his. It was really neat talking with him. 
On Wednesday we spent a lot of our day trying to meet new people. We tracted down a street and over to another one and we got talking with a lady for almost 3 hours!! It was crazy long!! Luckily enough she had shade so it wasn't too bad. It was amazing to see how she's been looking and looking for something a little more religious in her life. But she wouldn't take what we had to offer. It was sad, but she has her choice. We then walked a little further and met a few Hispanics which was really awesome. One of them was flat and not interested with us. Another was a little hesitant, but accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon in Spanish. Pretty neat. After our dinner, we went and had a great lesson with one of our other investigators. We went over the baptismal questions with them to see where they were in their understanding of things that we have taught. We later went over the Plan of Happiness again cause she was confused about something. It helped as we had a member there with us to explain things. It was really neat.

Thursday, what a day... We had the famous weekly planning session and it was really good. We got a call from the Zone Leaders as we were starting it asking us if we had finished transferring all of our paper records to digital. We said no and they told us that President has commanded us that it be finished soon. Well, we knew what the next few days were going to be... :'( We started making the transfer over and I was about ready to just kill myself. It was so much!!! We had an appointment at three so we stopped and took a break to mentally prepare ourselves for it. We had a great lesson with this lady and as we taught to her needs, we felt the spirit, and we're hoping she did too. We resumed with records then, onto dinner, then onto a great lesson. We had another lesson with one of our investigators and as sat down with her and figured out what she wanted with meeting with us, the spirit was there. And since that lesson, I've noticed a little change and we are hoping that stays consistent. 

Friday we had our weekly meeting and it went smoothly. We came back and proceeded to transfer over records again. I will say, I strongly disliked it, but it's for the benefit of others when we leave this area. The day went on and we had a great lesson towards the night with a family. As we sat down and discussed how this Gospel will bless our lives by living it. Not just merely accepting it, but also living it. It was great to see an atmosphere where the spirit was. I'm truly excited to see how this family progresses.

Saturday was a packed day. We did some service for one of our investigators in the morning. Tilling the ground. Fun, but hurtful. We then helped out a member before a lesson set up a pool. We had our two investigators there helping out too and it was really cool. We had a good lesson there and then we took off to go and meet a future missionary to go out with him on visits. We had an appointment, but they weren't there. So we ended up walking around for a bit and we met this really cool guy. He was out walking with his dog and we got to talking for a while. He's pretty accepting of any religion. Pretty cool guy. We then tried some more names and came up with nothing. We then started asking the member we were with if he knew some people and we started going through some names. After that we did our studies and went to dinner. Started to rain with thunder and lighting and it was kinda scary to see. We met with a really cool family afterwards and go to know them. Really nice people. We then met with another family and started talking with them. Really good people here in Buhl.

Sunday what a great day. Had church and it is always good. We had a ton of meetings early in the morning though so we were kinda exhausted there. We had good meetings at church. After church, we helped a guy unload a washer and a dryer and then load up some old ones. It was pretty fun. Did our studies like normal, and had a great dinner. Following dinner, we had a great lesson too! We taught this little girl the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she was just absorbing everything, along with her mom who is a member. It was so marvelous to see her absorbing all of it. We then tried some other things, but we had to exchange for some exchanges with the good old Zone Leaders.
Monday was a good grind. The Zone Leader and I went out finding new people. We met a lot of new faces and got to talk with a lot of people. We met some really good people and got a few return appointments from just talking on the doorstep. Really awesome. We then had a sporatic service opportunity come up and we helped out a lady move in. It was pretty dang awesome. Jammed my thumb, but it was the only wound we all walked away with. We then had dinner and after dinner, went right back to finding new people. We were able to meet with a family that the Zone Leader had been teaching in his area. It was pretty cool to see him help me connect with them. It was awesome!!

So as with every week so far here in Buhl, it has been awesome!! I have not regretted a single minute of any day here in this area. It has just been blessed!! I do miss Rupert, but I'm loving Buhl. I can't wait to see a Spanish Branch here again. It will happen. Whether in my time or the next, it will. I love you all and I miss you all!! Hope things are all good for everybody back home!! This week will be awesome and I will be back to writing on Monday next week. I almost forgot to mention, this is the last week of the Transfer and transfers will be happening next week. I'm fairly certain I'll be staying here for the rest of my mission, but who knows. Maybe my dream of going back to Boise will come true (lol). Love you all!! Take care!!

Elder Ruesch

Week 82 - Spirit of God (5/22/2018)

Well this past week has been so eventful I don't even know where to begin!!
I guess we can start on Monday. It was a pretty chill preparation day. I was getting my accuracy down for soccer. I was taking shots on a basketball hoop from full court and I almost got it in a few times. Put a little too much power into my shot. We then had a great night trying to contact and meet new people.

Tuesday was pretty dang eventful. We had an appointment cancel cause they were sick, well that didn't stop us. Luckily because of technology, we were able to have a Video chat lesson with them. It was awesome to see how tech can come in pretty clutch. We then had some awesome lessons later in the day as tried to meet with new people. We had an awesome spiritual lesson and then we had a cancellation. Luckily we had two back up plans. The third backup is where we found our luck. We met this awesome lady who just broke down into tears as we talked with her. It was amazing as we testified of the Gospel and how it helps us find peace in this life. It was touching. Later in the evening as we went on we also had two awesome appointments with some other families. It is amazing to see how the Lord prepares his children.

Wednesday we had some good finding experiences. We had some things fall through and we tried our best to stay pro-active. We had this really awesome lesson with another family and wow! We saw so much progression from this person. We did not expect it! It was amazing! We had a funny story about our dinner. So we looked at the map to get there and we took the route the map was showing us. We get there and it took us to an emergency exit for where our dinner lives. It was pouring rain and there was no chance that we were going to walk the rest of the distance (which was a few miles) so we drove the long way and got there. I wish our map had service roads blocked off. At least we know for future reference. We then had this amazing lesson to close the night with one of our progressing investigators. It was neat as we taught by the spirit to their needs to help them understand why this Gospel is so important. 

Thursday, what a day. We helped this guy move into Buhl. He is a non-member, but he was so nice and so awesome! We helped him load his stuff from a storage unit into a trailer and then from the trailer into his new house. It was really awesome! We really got to know him as we had talked for 4 hours. We then had our weekly planning session which is always good. We then had dinner with this really awesome family. Then we taught our English Class. It's really good teaching English cause it helps me out a lot. I learn all sorts of rules and things that I had once forgotten haha. 

Friday was our weekly meeting as a District. Really awesome meeting! We then went back to our house cause we were going to do service, but the person we were going to help out cancelled on us. So we worked. We met with the lady I had previously talked about on Tuesday and yet again, we were guided by the spirit when we met. We talked about the Peace and comfort that we can receive because of Jesus Christ. We were meeting outside and it just started to pour and later turned into hail. Herself, the members we brought with us, and us, all booked it to a safe place. We let her go inside and we waited under her cabana until it was safe to make a run for the car. It was cool. We found ourselves on a finding spree and we met with some neat people. We then had a really cool dinner appointment and then a really awesome lesson afterwards. We taught this whole family and it was really neat to feel of their spirit in learning. Afterwards we had a second dinner with another investigating family and we didn't have much time so we talked about the Book of Mormon with them and testified that it is another testament of Jesus Christ. It was neat.

Saturday, what a special day. We only had one lesson planned that day so we had to work hard to find things to do. We worked and worked and had little success at the places we went. We had our lesson and we had to cut it short, but it was really good. After our lesson we went out to the middle of nowhere and tried finding some people. The first person we found home was a member and they just gave us a whole bunch of names to go try in the area. We were running low on time so we asked them if they knew one of our investigators and sure enough they did. We asked if they would be willing to help us out in teaching them and they agreed to do so. It was awesome. We then had a quick meet with another family and booked our way to an appointment. We got there late and the member that was coming with us, just left. So we had to reschedule, but luckily we put it for Sunday. We close the night with a whole bunch of Stake meetings. It was awesome. Didn't have to translate for any of them!

Then Sunday came around. We had Stake Conference and it was really awesome!! I got to translate all of it!! Let me tell you, I was exhausted!! I kept up with the speakers, but wow sometimes they were using words I've never heard of in English. Luckily though, they had a theme and I was able to follow the theme pretty well. Afterwards we talked to a few of the Hispanic people that went and they all appreciated the translating that I did. I was just worried they didn't understand any of it. We then had our lesson with the family we had originally scheduled for Saturday and it was awesome!! It's a part member family and the ones we taught were so excited when we shared what we had wanted to share. It was neat!! We then spent the rest of afternoon doing the studies we didn't do, cause I'm really good at putting them off. And all of a sudden it started to down pour! We left our car at the house and walked to the church. So we booked it home, in the rain, to get to our house so we can drive to our next few appointments. We finished studies at the house and took off. By the time we left, it stopped raining. We had a good time contacting the rest of the night and finding people. Pretty fun.

Monday, was another great day. We had some really great lessons in the afternoon and we tracted. We met this lady who might have some interest in learning more. We will definitely find out. We then had a Spanish appointment and it was awesome!! I love teaching in Spanish. Funny story later. We drove with a member there and I had a good time talking with him. Really cool member. We then had a quick grab dinner and onto our next appointment. Here's the funny story. So we are teaching these two kids and I start to speak and the words that come out of my mouth aren't English... It was kinda embarrassing. I find myself processing my thoughts in Spanish. I wonder if mom does that... I feel your struggle mom! We had a great lesson though. To end the night we went out finding and we were finally able to contact this family we've been trying to contact. Really nice to us and they've been wanting to get ahold of us, they just didn't know how to. Luckily, the Spirit told us to go there. What a great experience. 

And as for today. We got to go to the temple today and it was an awesome experience. I really love going to the temple, I just feel so at peace. This has been a really awesome week and I'm loving being companions with Elder Livingston. I do miss the Rupert Zone a bit just because I was there for forever. I love the work and I love all of you!! I hope you all enjoy this week and the great weather wherever you are!! Apparently, it's still being bipolar here in Idaho!! Haha take care everybody!! I love and miss you all!!

Elder Ruesch