Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Week 60 - Meetings (12/18/2017)

Had to take a selfie on the new phone
So this week has been really different to say the least. We started out obviously with our Monday normal preparation day activities. My companion and I got really sick towards the end of the night so we decided to go and rest so that way tomorrow we would be all good to go. 

When we got the phones
Tuesday came and so did the rest of the week as we just had meeting piled on top of meeting. It was unbelievable how many meetings we could get sucked into. It was ridiculous!!! One of the meetings that we did have this week was with the new technology that we are receiving. They gave us some loaner phones to test run and figure out how to use them, basically throw us into the cold deep end. We've been figuring out and wow it is so different than everything I've done this past year. It's crazy. No more planners, no more area book, and no more records on paper. Everything is on the phone. It's incredible! As we dive into it more, we'll be able to access our Facebook accounts and start online too! It'll be pretty cool when the time comes down to it. But our purpose stays the same which is cool. No changes on how we do the work, it still goes on with the Spirit. I really don't have much to write this week which kinda sucks, but it is what it is. Meeting after meeting sure does drain you. I finally understand dad why after so many meetings from work, you're sooo tired. 

Well everybody, I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!! And Merry Christmas to you all!! Remember the reason, for the season!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
We were in the newspaper

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Week 59 - Smartphones??? Say What??? (12/11/2017)

Zone Conference
So this week has been really crazy, really tiring, and diligent. Being here in Rupert and just working with pure Spanish is hard, but I love it. The hard thing is getting them to commit to a return appointment. It's difficult, but we'll figure something out. So we worked pretty hard Monday night and we were able to get into one door and have dinner with this family that I have been trying to get in since I came to the area. It was very nice to finally get to know them. We pretty much ended there and that was that. 
Zone Conference

Tuesday we had a surprise meeting that Elder Castellano and I had to go to Twin for. We were kinda confused but when we got there, everything made sense. We worked hard before leaving to try and meet with some people, but no avail. Went to the meeting and we were in a 4 way Skype call with Missionaries in Boise, Salt Lake IT Department for the Church, and someone who is assisting role out technology for our mission. It was crazy as we got the whole spill down and how this will work. We are getting Smartphones. Pretty cool. Beats having this old slide phone for sure. We then came back to our area and tried meeting with some people, but had to reschedule a lot of those visits. 

Zone Conference
Wednesday we had Zone Conference and that is when our Mission President publicly announced that we are getting Smartphones. Everyone was cheering for joy. It was crazy. We had a really good program of Christmas songs and people playing the piano. It was really awesome to hear all of it. We came back to our area and tried to see some people,but no one was home! It was so weird. We then called it as it was getting pretty late into the night (I promise I'm in when I need to be in).

Elder Silva and I
Thursday was such a hard working day. We planned out exchanges with Malta Elders and then planned out our week and day, then got to work. We had a lot of closed doors and no one wanting us to come in. Luckily we found some service and helped a lady move out. We were gonna help her move in, but we got a call from the mission office saying that a set of Elders was getting evicted from their home. So we had to find a place for them to live and they are now living with us. It's pretty fun! 

Friday we had exchanges with Malta and I stayed in Rupert and came with Elder Silva who is from Peru.
He's an awesome Elder!! We worked hard. We went to Heyburn cause we also cover that and we met a really nice lady who is a member, but has fallen away a little, but she invited us to come back which is always a good sign. We worked hard and we didn't see a lot of success, but we saw a lot of growth for sure as we diligently worked at it. 

Zone Conference
Saturday came and we went to Almo for the Baptism of a family that I taught in Elba. It was so great to see them get baptized and see them later in a year get sealed as a family for all of time and eternity. It was really touching. We exchanged and Elder Castellano and I made the drive back to Rupert and it was such a pretty drive. I don't have any pics cause I was driving, but wow it looked incredible. We then got to work and tried a lot of people. Fell a little sick as the day carried on. Took some medicine and it knocked us both out. Right when we got up we went back to work. Stayed diligent still to nothing. 

Sunday... wow it was long! Elder Castellano was so sick, but he was a trooper. We went to four sacrament meetings and two of them were for retirement homes. It was pretty nice. Got to play the piano and a special musical number that I wrote up. It was awesome. After the fourth sacrament meeting I could tell Elder Castellano was dying. We came back home and he took medicine that knocked him out. I studied for the time he was knocked out. We tried some people and still nothing. Got some things planned out for today and worked till it was time to come in. 

This week has been exciting, but as I said in the beginning, those things as well. Well I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!! 

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Week 58 - Mid Transfer Transfer??? (12/4/2017)

Elder Castellano and I
So this week has been a really crazy one to say the least. On Monday we had a good preparation day and I got to do a little soccer training which was nice to do. It definitely is a lot harder to play in a gym than on a field for sure. We then tried contacting some people that we had appointments for, but they all fell through. So we spent the night just contacting. Went back to our place and hit the bed hard cause we had to be up early to make a drive to Boise the next morning.

Our Christmas Tree
Tuesday we met up with Elders in Burley and hopped in their car and made the drive to Boise. Stopped in Jerome had breakfast and picked up Elders in Jerome and drove the rest of the way to Boise. We got to Boise and had a really long meeting about some things that will be happening in the mission which is pretty cool. We were in Boise for the longest time so we decided to have dinner up there before we made the three hour drive back to Rupert. As we were driving to a restaurant, we got a text from President Bartlett asking if we could call him ASAP. We called him and didn't answer. As we parked the car, he called. He was calling to let us know that a mid transfer was about to happen. Elder Farr would be going to Boise and I would be receiving Elder Castellano. He said he would call us that night to discuss further instructions. We were shocked to hear that. We were all thrown off. We had dinner and the entire drive home, we were trying to figure out why this was happening. Elder Farr spent the night packing.
Elder Castellano and I
Wednesday he finished packing and we had to be in Boise at 12 so we took off and made it there in good time. We performed the Transfer, had lunch and made the drive back to Rupert. I'm sick and tired of making that drive. Dad, I have no idea how you did it, but I commend you! We made it back to our area and just got to work. We found a really great new investigator making a contact. She is prepared and we are excited to meet her again today. We did a lot of good things and we then came back to our place so Elder Castellano could unpack.

Thursday we stayed in cause Elder Castellano was sick, like crazy sick it was bad. Did a lot of planning and studying.
Friday we had a pretty packed day. We had a lot of meetings taht we had to go to. We first had one in Rupert with the Rupert District. We then had lunch then went to Declo to have a meeting with the Declo District. From there we went and made a lot of contacts. It was pretty crazy. We then had dinner and after dinner, we got right back to work. We then went and exchanged with the Acequia Elders and I stayed in our area. 

Saturday was a good day. We worked a lot. We had a correlation meeting at 10:15 and we correlated about the stake and how things are going in all the areas. Then went crazy doing some area book work. Had a few referrals to hand off to the Spanish Sisters after all that work. We then grabbed some lunch and got right back to work. It was crazy how much we worked. We had some really good contacts and will hopefully have some good returns with all those that we contacted. We then exchanged back and Elder Castellano and I talked about our exchange which was pretty nice.

Sunday we had church and wow we were at church for forever. We went to three different sacrament meetings and then went to a lesson after church. Then from there we had to drive up to Elba to give a baptismal interview to a family I taught in Malta. It was really cool to see them again. Elder Castellano did all the interviews and it went all well. While all of this was happening, the weather outside escalated. It was windy and it began to snow like crazy. It then froze and became ice which was terrible. We then made the drive back to Rupert and had a late dinner. Then went back at it to work. We were pretty exhausted. It was crazy. 

Well that's how my week was. It was crazy and we enjoyed all that we did. It was pretty nice to see all of the little miracles that we saw this week and I know for sure the work we do is never wasted. I love you all and miss you all with this Holiday season. You are always in my heart and I love you all!! Hope you enjoy your week and remember, Christ in Christmas!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Monday, November 27, 2017

Week 57 - Light of the World (11/27/2017)

Elder Farr and I
So this week has been a good week. So last week we hit a quick Emergency Room Visit which everything is okay. My companion is alright he is currently wearing a brace to prevent any further damage to his wrist. Went on Exchanges that night to fulfill some appointments we had which were all really good. We did a lot of Light the World things cause we were preparing for the grand event that happened that night. 

Elder Farr and I
Tuesday to Thursday were really slow days just cause it was the Holidays and hardly anyone let us in the door. Quite remarkable how many "no's" we got this week. I lost count after the 10th one lol. We did a lot of work preparing for Friday night though which was really fun. We got a call saying the Mission President will be coming down for the event and we were kicking into high gear making it the best event ever. I also started working on a song for our Zone Conference Christmas Program. I'm currently in the process of writing one and I'll let you know how that goes probably in two weeks. We also did a lot of planning, like I said for the Light the World. Cause every year here in Rupert, since they are Christmas City, has a big kick off for Christmas! It was pretty awesome. They have a chili feed and then music going. And later, Santa rides in on a firetruck and turns on all the lights in the square. It was pretty fun.

Rupert Square/Light the World Event
Friday it was all getting ready for the event. We had interviews with our President and I had a very short interview. Pretty remarkable. Then Elder Farr and I went running around getting this event all ready!! It was great to see as the night finished, that it was a huge success, As a Zone, we handed our 301 invitations to watch Light the World. We had 4 TVs set up around the Square playing the video and we even had a tree that we put up with service ideas. It was a huge success and a huge blessing seeing it all take place. That night we went on exchanges and rolled into Saturday.

Rupert Square/Light the World Event
Saturday we spent a whole day contacting a lot of people. It was quite amazing, yet again, how many people could say no to us. But they did invite us to come back another day. 

Sunday we had a lot of meetings and visits that we did into wards. We were tired by like 12. We did a lot of good visits that day and even had some good lessons. Still getting to know the area a little bit better, but I'm doing pretty good on that.

Well that is my week for all of you! I love you all and I hope you have a great holiday season!! And please, check out the Light the World video that can be found on mormon.org It is a really good video and will make your Holiday season tons better than it already is. I promise you that!!! Well I love you all and miss you all!!! Enjoy your week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa 

Week 56 - Sickness Strikes Back (11/20/2017)

So this week has been a fun filled week for sure. Last week on Preparation Day we just went at trying to find people home and share our message. It was quite incredible as we caught one family home and they didn't let us in the door. It sucked, but it works out that we have another chance to visit them tonight hopefully. 

Tuesday came and we both woke up just sick. It sucked. Downed a whole bunch of medicine after staying up most of the night cause I wasn't feeling well, and we went and did some service. After service we came home and I crashed...for 16 hours... I was sick... It sucked...

Wednesday was feeling a little bit better and good enough to go and work. Took some more medicine and just went at it. We worked our tails off just trying to see anyone and everyone that we could. We had a really good lesson that night with the Gutierrez family. They are an amazing family and have been meeting with the Elders for 3 weeks. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, simply, plainly, and with the Spirit. As we did so we both felt impressed to ask them about Baptism. Elder Farr, apparently had asked them twice before, but the Spirit was telling us both to ask them. We asked and they said, "You know, I think one day we'll be baptized into the Church. Not today, but one day." It was quite amazing hearing that as we testified to them to read and ask God if this is for them.

 Thursday was a good day of planning. We planned out our day and then our week and got to work. We had a slow afternoon of contacting and setting up appointments which isn't a bad thing (oh and it was also raining). We went through a lot of names, just trying to contact them and we were going at it. We had a great lesson that night to as we met this new family, the Jaquez family. They are really prepared as we got to know them and talk with them about the Gospel and religion in their life. They have been surrounded by it for so long and they love it! They even went to church for awhile! Until the job got a little more hectic. We committed them to read from the Book of Mormon, of course after explaining what it was, and told them to ask God to see if it's true. It was great as we walked out of there saying that they are prepared.

Friday we went on exchanges and I stayed in the area. I was with an English Elder and being a pure Spanish area, was kinda tough for him. It was pretty wild. We just went and worked all afternoon. We had an amazing lesson with a lady named Angela. We had asked her if she read from the Book of Mormon and she told us no that she hadn't. I was kinda surprised when she had and quickly changed our lesson plan. We read with her from the Book of Mormon from Helaman 5:1-20. As we read through those verses and explained to her why having a foundation on Christ is so important and also how he can give us so much happiness and joy in this life. As we further explained that we want that for her, the Spirit was there in that lesson. We committed her to read, pray, and go to church. It was amazing. We had some other good visits that night and had received some referrals that we handed off to those in that area, but it was a good night none of the less.

Saturday morning was a good start. Did some service and I destroyed my allergies big time. We did service and then we went and unexchanged. We went and had lunch and it was so good!! We had tacos al pastor and they were amazing!!! I really miss good Mexican food. We then did a lot of running around preparing for the Light the World initiative and it was awesome. We are getting things going in good gear and hoping this will be a good kick off. In Rupert, they are known as Christmas city and they have a whole celebration after Thanksgiving, and that is coincidentally the kick off for Light the World... This will be awesome. 

Sunday was just supreme. We had a correlation to kick off our day, then we went to the Meridian Idaho Temple Dedication and that was awesome!! The Spirit was so strongly there!! We then had lunch and kicked off trying to visit some people. We contacted this potential investigator and she invited us to come back when we've got time. We were pretty hyped cause we feel she's got a lot of potential. We then had dinner and then the  great Face 2 Face event. It was awesome as some really good questions were answered and hopefully something we can use as we help ourselves and our investigators fully use the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 

This week has been great and a little hectic. I love being here in Rupert and it is awesome what we have going on here!! A lot of good things are happening and we are excited!! I love you all a ton and I miss you all!! Enjoy your week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Monday, November 13, 2017

Week 55 - Spanish Grind (11/13/2017)

Elder Farr and I
​So this has been a pretty good week this week as we had transfers. I did get transferred out of Malta and I am now in Rupert. Didn't go to far and the crazy thing is, I'm still in the same Zone. I may be in this Zone for quite a long time. Pretty crazy, but I know the Lord needs me here. So last week was pretty fun as we got to visit with some families in Elba and got ourselves introduced to some non-members.

Elder Farr and I
Tuesday we had a good day as we went and visited some families in Malta before heading over to Raft River for the night. Had a lot of good visits and set some returns for service and teaching. We went to Raft River and had a really good time out there. We had some wonderful teaching as we taught CPR to a progressing family called the Lopez family. They are amazing and have been progressing so well! We then visited with another family after that and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was pretty incredible. Then that night, we got the call about transfers and that I will be going to Rupert to be with Elder Farr. Pretty sad to leave Malta, but I know that I must be needed in Rupert.

Saulito and I
Wednesday we went and did some service and had a good time. It was pretty cold outside, but it was alright once we got moving around. We then changed and went to Seminary so I can start saying goodbye to some of the youth. Apparently I picked a good time to go cause they were having a missionary lesson. Was able to bare testimony of missionary work specific to Jacob Chapter 5 in the Book of Mormon. We were asked to come back and talk with the next class about the same thing. We went and I said a few more goodbyes, then back to Seminary, then I went and started packing. Said some more goodbyes and then went up to Elba. Said goodbye up there to some people and then went on some visits.
Snow on the Mtns
Transfer day!! Got ready and all packed. Had lunch then made our way to the apartment where I'll be staying and dropped off all my stuff. Then made our way to Twin for transfers. Got there and it was awesome seeing a whole bunch of familiar faces!! It was pretty exciting!! Got Elder Farr and made our way back down to Rupert. Rained pretty hard that night as we went out proselyting, but it was all good!! Enjoyed the night and had some pretty good visits!

Friday and Saturday, was a lot of getting introduced to people and correlation meetings. We cover the entire Stake of Rupert in Spanish which is really nice. I miss just covering all Spanish. I love it so far and I'm excited to be here in Rupert. 

Sunday was a pretty good day! We hit up every sacrament meeting that we cover and we were exhausted. It was pretty cool. We then just went right to work trying everyone and anyone. Had some good visits and a lot of return appointments set up for this week. Pretty awesome. I really don't have any more to say. It's crazy.

Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy life!! I love you all and miss you all!!! Enjoy!!
Elder Ruesch Sosa

Playing the piano in the Malta Apartment

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 54 - Remember When It Rained (11/6/2017)

So this week has been a very thrilling, exciting, emotional week. To start with Monday, we went to this Straw Maze just outside of Declo and we had a blast in it. We all got lost in the maze a few times, but we made our way out and we all enjoyed it! We then went a spent a lot of time just meeting members in the Elba ward to close the night!

Tuesday was Halloween and we had to be in by 7 that night, which we did. We went and tried meeting with some of our investigators that morning and we had no luck catching any one home. Was kinda disappointing, but oh well. We then went and did some service for this Less Active in one of the wards we covered. And I'll say, we definitely got down and dirty. We put hot wire on his piped underneath his trailer home so they wouldn't freeze in the winter. It was pretty fun, but required a shower after doing that. We then went and tried to meet some people at one of the dairies here and we met a new family. They have met with missionaries in the past and they love having the missionaries over. We talked with them for a bit and we shared Alma 32 about faith and the experiment of our faith. It was really great and you could definitely feel the spirit in that lesson. We then had the Raft River Halloween party where we attended and talked to a lot of our investigators that showed up to that activity. It was pretty cool. We then made our way home and did some studies for the next day of District Meeting. 

Wednesday we had district meeting and we talked a lot about using technology. Don't know if that means will be getting some, but I'll tell you when we do. We then went to Almo and stayed the entire day up there. We did some service for a family stacking wood and all that nice stuff. We just basically did a lot of service and then we came back to our place. 

Thursday we had our great weekly planning and then from there we tried to meet with some people. We had some success in the cold and we were able to talk to someone new and give him a copy of the Book of Mormon to read. He invited us to come back and he was just genuinely nice. We then had dinner and we went and met with so many people that night. We met with our progressing investigators Luis y Maricruz and talked to them about the Plan of Salvation and it's divine purpose for us.We then met with another family to close the night, talking about the Book of Mormon and how it can help us in our lives better come closer to our Heavenly Father. They took our challenge to read the Book of Mormon and it's pretty exciting. 

Friday we had snow start to fall. It was pretty intense. That day was just so hard cause we couldn't find hardly anyone home. So we went with the spirit and it took us to a house we know who lives there and it was a member. We knocked and they were surprised to see us, but so glad to. The wife was in need of a blessing and the husband was gone getting medicine. The older sons were home, but they couldn't give their mom a Priesthood blessing. So we show up and are more than willing to give that blessing. We gave the blessing and then we went to our dinner/service project appointment all the way to the border of our mission/area. Had a really good time and some really good dinner!

Saturday it snowed even more. We did some correlating with our ward mission leader in Malta and then tried a family we haven't seen in awhile and had a good visit with them. We then made our way to dinner and this is when sadness happens. Our appointment for that night, the Miller Family, called us and had to cancel cause they just got fired and are being kicked out of their home. So they were packing up and leaving. We couldn't get ahold of them after that conversation we had with them. But I was so torn and I just couldn't see them leave. It made me so sad.... We replanned our day and then just went with the spirit on a lot of things. Ran into an investigator pulled over on the side of the road and we stopped and talked with them. They were out for a drink and they were drunk. We talked with them and had a really good conversation about what they need and it really helped us. We then made our way back home cause it was late and freezing.

Sunday was a good day. We had church which is always amazing. We then caught some of the families home that we wanted to see. We studied for a bit and then just before dinner, we were asked to go give an emergency blessing to someone in the ward and so we hurried over and gave the blessing and talked with the man for a bit. Got some referrals from them to try. We then had dinner and had really good appointments right after that. We closed the night with the Taylor family and they are so prepared!! They just want to dive in and be baptized and it is so awesome working with them. It truly is an honor to be working with them. They have had a lot of good friends fellowship them and genuinely love them, which is always amazing to see. 

Well this week has been fun and a really good one. Transfers are this week and I'm a little nervous that I may be transferred, but I'll go wherever I'm needed. I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 53 - O Remember, Remember (10/30/2017)

This has been a really interesting and fun week. To start of with Preparation Day, this time I didn't forget my shoes, so there was no injuries to report! We played some sports and then we went out on visits with our Ward Mission Leader in Elba and had some good results yield there. 
Temple Last Week

Tuesday we held our District Meeting and it was pretty good. We talked a lot about setting goals and putting our all into everything that we do. It was pretty cool to see the District get so involved in this meeting. After District Meeting we went on exchanges and I stayed in our area and came with Elder Jones to work in Raft River. We had some good finds that day as we just went around trying new places that were just put in. We met a really awesome family that are just prepared as well. They were talking about coming to church this Sunday (and they did) and it was pretty awesome! We then had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader in Raft River and went to visit the Millers. We talked a lot about getting them ready for marriage. That is their next step into progressing back into activity and to baptism. It was pretty cool to see how determined they were to get married. 

Wednesday came and we exchanged back and we went to Almo and did some service for a sister splitting wood. It was pretty fun we got an entire pile split and stacked. It was awesome! We then had dinner with a member from the Bishopric in Elba and later went to a mutual activity that was hosted by 4 wards. We found a lot of Less Active Youth and non-members there and we just started talking with everyone. They dragged us onto the Spook Alley that they were having and everyone was laughing cause the missionaries were on it. Even the workers... But hey it was fun. I actually got to use my Spanish with a foreign exchange student from Spain. She was asking us questions about the church and we were more than willing to answer these questions. 

Hot Cocoa during Planning
Thursday we got to business and did our great weekly planning session. We planned a great deal of work for our area. We then visited with a less active member and shared with him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it and loves having us over. He has a literal library and every time we have came by, he gives us a new book to read. All of the books of course are Gospel related. We then had dinner and we got to see Ellissa, Ethan, and Erik. We went over the Restoration and even watched the Restoration video with them. These kids are intelligent. They knew a whole lot and taught themselves the lesson. It was awesome. We then met the Zone Leaders and went on Exchanges that night. I went in their area and it was fun!
Friday on exchanges I got to be with Elder Farr and I've been on exchanges with him before and we just had a blast. We went and did service that morning for the Harry Potter experience and it was pretty cool. We just cleaned and helped them get read. They told us if we have time, to stop by and we could get in for free and get a tour of it. We then had lunch at this great hole in the wall restaurant owned by a member family. We talked and then got to work. We met a whole bunch of Hispanics that day and it felt so good to speak in Spanish. We talked with this guy named Julio and we were talking with him about the right path. He had this book that he has been studying from and just started to talk about what he read from it. We told him that his best way to find out if this is true is to read the Book of Mormon and to ask God, for he won't tell you a lie. It was neat seeing him take our challenge to read. We then tried a whole bunch of others, but no answer. 
We had dinner and then after dinner, we went to the Harry Potter Experience with the other District Leader and his companion. Got a tour and we got free scarves!! It was cool. We then talked with some members and then got a new investigator just before we had to exchange back. It was pretty fun!!

Saturday we had some things fall through. We went and tried contacting some people and had some good results. We met with this guy outside and started talking with him. We then went and did some service for a less active member and he really was grateful for it. We really didn't do much at all, just stack some wood. We then changed and had dinner. Then after dinner we went and invited so many people to church, to the primary program, and to the Halloween activity that Raft River was having. It was pretty awesome!

Sunday we went to Almo and had a pretty good primary program. I just love seeing the kids bare testimony of the Gospel. We did some studies after church and then tried seeing some people, but a lot of return appointments. We then had dinner and went from their to our appointment with the Taylor family. We waited a little bit since the guys were out hunting and trying to catch a deer before the season ends. They came back with a pretty good catch. We then talked with them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really amazing to see how receptive they were to our message. They are definitely considering Baptism. 

This week has been so amazing and so fast! This has been awesome!! I love you all and I hope you have a great week this week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 52 - Back to Boise!!! (10/23/2017)

So this week has been really awesome!! We got to start out our Preparation day with some good bowling and Elder Blaisdell and I really set a high bar! It was great. We then had our Preparation Day activity and I forgot my shoes and pics will depict what happened....

Tuesday we got to proselyte around Malta which was really fun. We walked a lot cause I didn't feel like driving at all. We made some contact with people which was great. We then went to Raft River and had a good lesson with a our investigating family and we read with them the famous chapter of 2 Nephi 31. It was really great and the spirit was strongly there.

Wednesday came and we went to Twin for a Zone Conference and it was very edifying as new things are coming our way and a lot of change. One of the things we got told is that all the Elders on our side of the Mission (Burley and Rupert Zones) will be heading to Boise to proselyte and invite people to the Meridian Temple Open House!! That was the most exciting news I heard that day!!

Thursday came and we built a log cabin for them. We got two levels of logs done and still have a long ways to go. We then planned had dinner and had two great lessons that night with Ethan, Ellissa, and Erik and then later the Millers. We had good meetings there and just wonderful spirits felt in both settings.

Friday, the day I waited for anxiously! We made our trip up to Boise and we left here around 6:45 and got there at 9:30. We started proselyting around the Boise South area and just went and knocked on as many doors as we could. It was fantastic. We then had a VIP tour of the temple and it was just amazing!! Words can not describe it! We then went and were given an area and tracted around Meridian. We hit up a whole bunch of houses and just invited as many people as we could to the Open House. We started at 2 and ended at 8:30. Non stop and it was great!

Saturday we got news we would be doing the exact same thing, but in the Boise West Zone, which was the Zone I started in!! It felt like sweet home being back in my Greenie area, but I wasn't exactly in my greenie area. We went on exchanges and I got to serve with Elder O'Connor who was in my first District when I got in the field. We had to do some convincing to let us be companions, but we got it worked out. We went into a subdivision and knocked out the entire subdivision. It was great. We had lunch in between cause we did start at like 10 had lunch then went back at it again and ended around like 5 for dinner. Then at 7:00 we made our trip back home. We got to our place at 10:04 and we crashed. I'm still tired.

Sunday we were tired.... We went to the Elba ward and had a good sacrament meeting as it was a farewell. We then had studies after church and dinner and then to close we had an amazing lesson with a new family we just picked up. It was a referral from someone in the Springdale 1st Ward (my previous area) and they are totally prepared. We got there and they have read up to 1 Nephi 9 in a week and they are just totally prepared for sure. They are the Taylor family and it's a family of 5. The dad is a member and the rest of the family isn't. But they are prepared!!

Well this week was fun and I loved going back to Boise. I truly miss my greenie area and I know for sure I'm gonna go back to serve in that Spanish Branch once more. I love you all and I hope you have great week!! Love you and miss you!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

PS More pics to come next week..

1: Elder O'Connor and Myself at the Mission Office
2-4: Injuries...
5: A little girl gave me this in Boise

Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 51 - Trial, Error, and Success (10/16/2017)

So this week has been a really good week. On Tuesday since it happened to be our Preparation Day due to Columbus day (who celebrates that anyways?) we had some really good experiences that evening. We went out with one of the Ward missionaries in the Raft River Ward and we took everything by storm! We went and drove to some houses I have never been to before just because that would destroy our miles. We then went to visit this Hispanic Family Luis y Maricruz but they didn't answer the door so went down and talked with their neighbors and as we were talking they pulled into their home. We walked back their way and they let us in. He apologized for not being there at 7 like he said and we told him it was okay, we stayed around hoping you'd come back. We had a good visit with them and talked about the Book of Mormon and it's importance along with the key of the Restoration of the Gospel. We finished that night visiting with another Hispanic Family and talking with them. It was pretty neat as we felt the spirit and invited them to church.

Wednesday we had our District Meeting and it went really well. We talked a lot about happiness and what makes us happy and how we can do all things in a happy matter. We then cruised up to Elba and remained there for the day. We studied and came up with a language plan to help grow our Spanish. We then did a lot of service. It was pretty fun. After service we went to Almo and met this family that is pretty awesome! They have a dinosaur!! It's pretty wicked!! We then had dinner and then went out with our Ward Mission Leader in the Elba ward to visit with a family. We had a really good visit there as we talked about how our Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us and acknowledges our existence (Alma 26:36-37). 

Thursday we had our wonderful weekly planning day. We planned hardcore what we will do with all of our investigators, recent converts, and less actives. It was really intense planning session. We then went to Raft River and did some visits there. We got to meet with some people and invite them to the Temple Open House in Meridian which is exciting. We then had dinner with a Hispanic Family and it was really good. Makes me miss my mom's cooking. We then had a Baptismal Interview for Erik and Ellissa. They Both passed!! It was exciting. Got to talk with the Zone Leaders about it and they were blown away by how intelligent the two kids are. We then went and visited another Hispanic Family and had quite a good visit there as we shared the Plan of Salvation clearly and very simply. 

Friday! We started off doing some service for a family and had a good time pounding in fence posts. We had our studies and then went with a future missionary (he's preparing his papers) and visited with some widows of the ward. Had some good visits there and in one of them we actually gave a Priesthood Blessing. We then tried to see some families that night, but a lot of them were leaving for the football game that night. We went and met a family and we just swung by said hi and the Husband loves hearing the piano, so I played a little bit for them. We then swung by the Dairy and set up an appointment with one of our investigating families and made our way back home. 

Saturday we did the normal routine to start off the morning and we visited with a single guy and had a good visit. He really loves the missionaries and as we shared our message with him he was in tears. He showed us his library and told us to pick any book we wanted, except for one book which was a huge and old copy of the Book of Mormon. We visited with him as he shared all of his experiences and all these cool things. We then went and tried our appointment, but they didn't answer so we saw Luis y Maricruz instead. Invited them to the Baptism that was happening later that night and to church. They said they'd come to church, but to the Baptism they were unsure about it. We then had dinner and from dinner to the church building to get things ready for the Baptism. We got things ready and people started showing up and it was a huge turn out! It was awesome!! This baptism was the highlight of the day as both of their parents were there and a whole bunch of people came to their baptism. It was really spiritual and breath taking. 

Sunday we attended a whole bunch of meetings in the morning and I was exhausted. We had church and Erik and Ellissa were confirmed that day in church and it was awesome! Luis y Maricruz showed up and that was great. Had good classes in Spanish which was awesome. We then had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader in Malta. Did our studies since we didn't get to then walked to dinner. Had a good walk and tried some doors on our way there. Had an awesome dinner with an amazing family. They have a son that is serving in the Mesa Arizona mission and they told us how he is doing and it was pretty cool. Got to play the piano for them and Elder Blaisdell got to shoot some hoops with the kids. It was great. We went back to our car and to an appointment, but they didn't answer. We ended up talking to these people that were standing outside and found out one of them is a member who lives in Burley. He was baptized in Logan with his Wife and they now live up here. Had a good visit with them. We then tried some others, but had little success. We went and saw this guy we've been hearing about who's name is Mauricio and he is a really cool guy. We invited him to the Temple Open House and he wants to go and he asked us, "can you go?" We told him we could, but don't have anyone to go with yet. He said well, you're coming with me. We were so excited upon hearing that!! It was great!! 

This week has been a lot of trying and failing as we tried some people, but weren't home, but we found others who were. This has been an amazing week as we jump into this next one. I love you all and miss you all! You're always in my prayers and I hope you have an amazing week!! You're all awesome!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1-4. Baptism
5-6. Dinosaur​