Monday, October 16, 2017

Week 51 - Trial, Error, and Success (10/16/2017)

So this week has been a really good week. On Tuesday since it happened to be our Preparation Day due to Columbus day (who celebrates that anyways?) we had some really good experiences that evening. We went out with one of the Ward missionaries in the Raft River Ward and we took everything by storm! We went and drove to some houses I have never been to before just because that would destroy our miles. We then went to visit this Hispanic Family Luis y Maricruz but they didn't answer the door so went down and talked with their neighbors and as we were talking they pulled into their home. We walked back their way and they let us in. He apologized for not being there at 7 like he said and we told him it was okay, we stayed around hoping you'd come back. We had a good visit with them and talked about the Book of Mormon and it's importance along with the key of the Restoration of the Gospel. We finished that night visiting with another Hispanic Family and talking with them. It was pretty neat as we felt the spirit and invited them to church.

Wednesday we had our District Meeting and it went really well. We talked a lot about happiness and what makes us happy and how we can do all things in a happy matter. We then cruised up to Elba and remained there for the day. We studied and came up with a language plan to help grow our Spanish. We then did a lot of service. It was pretty fun. After service we went to Almo and met this family that is pretty awesome! They have a dinosaur!! It's pretty wicked!! We then had dinner and then went out with our Ward Mission Leader in the Elba ward to visit with a family. We had a really good visit there as we talked about how our Heavenly Father knows each and everyone of us and acknowledges our existence (Alma 26:36-37). 

Thursday we had our wonderful weekly planning day. We planned hardcore what we will do with all of our investigators, recent converts, and less actives. It was really intense planning session. We then went to Raft River and did some visits there. We got to meet with some people and invite them to the Temple Open House in Meridian which is exciting. We then had dinner with a Hispanic Family and it was really good. Makes me miss my mom's cooking. We then had a Baptismal Interview for Erik and Ellissa. They Both passed!! It was exciting. Got to talk with the Zone Leaders about it and they were blown away by how intelligent the two kids are. We then went and visited another Hispanic Family and had quite a good visit there as we shared the Plan of Salvation clearly and very simply. 

Friday! We started off doing some service for a family and had a good time pounding in fence posts. We had our studies and then went with a future missionary (he's preparing his papers) and visited with some widows of the ward. Had some good visits there and in one of them we actually gave a Priesthood Blessing. We then tried to see some families that night, but a lot of them were leaving for the football game that night. We went and met a family and we just swung by said hi and the Husband loves hearing the piano, so I played a little bit for them. We then swung by the Dairy and set up an appointment with one of our investigating families and made our way back home. 

Saturday we did the normal routine to start off the morning and we visited with a single guy and had a good visit. He really loves the missionaries and as we shared our message with him he was in tears. He showed us his library and told us to pick any book we wanted, except for one book which was a huge and old copy of the Book of Mormon. We visited with him as he shared all of his experiences and all these cool things. We then went and tried our appointment, but they didn't answer so we saw Luis y Maricruz instead. Invited them to the Baptism that was happening later that night and to church. They said they'd come to church, but to the Baptism they were unsure about it. We then had dinner and from dinner to the church building to get things ready for the Baptism. We got things ready and people started showing up and it was a huge turn out! It was awesome!! This baptism was the highlight of the day as both of their parents were there and a whole bunch of people came to their baptism. It was really spiritual and breath taking. 

Sunday we attended a whole bunch of meetings in the morning and I was exhausted. We had church and Erik and Ellissa were confirmed that day in church and it was awesome! Luis y Maricruz showed up and that was great. Had good classes in Spanish which was awesome. We then had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader in Malta. Did our studies since we didn't get to then walked to dinner. Had a good walk and tried some doors on our way there. Had an awesome dinner with an amazing family. They have a son that is serving in the Mesa Arizona mission and they told us how he is doing and it was pretty cool. Got to play the piano for them and Elder Blaisdell got to shoot some hoops with the kids. It was great. We went back to our car and to an appointment, but they didn't answer. We ended up talking to these people that were standing outside and found out one of them is a member who lives in Burley. He was baptized in Logan with his Wife and they now live up here. Had a good visit with them. We then tried some others, but had little success. We went and saw this guy we've been hearing about who's name is Mauricio and he is a really cool guy. We invited him to the Temple Open House and he wants to go and he asked us, "can you go?" We told him we could, but don't have anyone to go with yet. He said well, you're coming with me. We were so excited upon hearing that!! It was great!! 

This week has been a lot of trying and failing as we tried some people, but weren't home, but we found others who were. This has been an amazing week as we jump into this next one. I love you all and miss you all! You're always in my prayers and I hope you have an amazing week!! You're all awesome!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1-4. Baptism
5-6. Dinosaur​

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 50 - Baptism? Baby?? Blessing??? (10/10/2017)

Well this week has been a real intense and crazy week!! I don't even know where to begin! So I'll just start from the beginning. On Monday we had a little hiccup with our three progressing investigators, Ethan, Elissa, and Erik. They were confused as to what Baptism really is and the commitment we make with it. So we explained that to the best of our ability and it went pretty well. We challenged them to have an answer for us by Monday(yesterday).

Tuesday we had our District Meeting since the Sisters had a meeting in Boise they had to attend so we had our District Meeting talking about what we will do differently cause of all the great Conference talks we heard. It was pretty awesome as the Question "Therefore What" was posed to the District. We then went to Raft River did our studies and then went and tried to contact some people. It became very noticeable that it will be very difficult to contact a lot being in a small community during Harvest season....But I can truly testify that the Lord does put people into our Path. We went and knocked at a house and they didn't answer the front door so I went to the Back door and before we got there we saw a guy standing outside in the wind with this big heavy jacket on. We approached him and started talking with him. We gave him a copy of El Libro de Mormon para leer y el nos dijo para regresar Domingo. It was pretty good as Elder Blaisdell was the one that got to give him the Book to read. We then had a slow afternoon after that point as no one was home as we went around knocking. We had dinner and then went to see the Millers. We get there and Mike is in a panic siphoning gas out of their non functioning car and putting it into the Truck. He told us Lena wasn't feeling well and he thinks that she may have a bladder infection. We gave her a blessing and after Elder Blaisdell anointed, Mike found his Debit card fro gas and then we helped Lena get into the car and they booked it to the Hospital in Burley. We went back to Raft River and an hour and a half later, we got a text with a photo with a baby. Lena gave birth to a baby boy!! It was quite remarkable!! It was really great way to end the night.

Wednesday was pretty cool as well. We got to tour Almo and Elba with the Ward Mission Leader of those wards cause we now cover those wards too. We have a general idea of what to do up there, but still trying to figure it out. 

Thursday was a very busy day. We went and tried meeting with Gregorio who is one of our progressing investigators in Malta. He told us to come back later at 1. We weekly planned then went at one. He told us to come back at 2:20 when his roommate is gone. So we drove a mile away, parked the car and studied for that time till we could go back. We were also told that morning we would have interviews with President Bartlett and ours were at 3:45 and 4:00. Well we got in and started talking with Gregorio. We went over Baptism and explained what it is and the commitment that is made. He is the most humble person I have ever met and also just so loving. He doesn't feel ready, but he totally is. We challenged him to have an answer by Sunday for us. We left his house and drove all the way from Malta to Rupert. We got there 30 minutes late, but we were good since the Zone Leaders went ahead of us. We had our interview and then made our way to Raft River. Had dinner and then went and visited some families. We had a great and all over the place lesson with a new family, but hopefully they felt the spirit testify to them of what they needed to hear as we tried to invite the spirit.

Friday was a very slow day... as I like to call it, a diligence day. We went all over trying to meet people and talk to people, but no one answered their door. Knocked so many times it was crazy. We got to know our neighbors though which was pretty good...

Saturday was the same thing. Nothing we tried came to our success. We met one guy outside cleaning his car and this is where the diligence payed off. We talked with him about the Book of Mormon, his family, and the Temple Open House and how all of these are all tied back into the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was wonderful as he took our invitation to read from the Book of Mormon and invited us to come back. We then had the struggle again of finding people to teach. We went with a member to visit this one family and as we arrived, they were leaving to go to a Birthday Party. We left from there and tried some others to them telling us to come back. We then went to a Less Active and I think we found out what Birthday Party they were going too. We got there and talked with the family. Had a good visit with them and helped them out with setting up for the party. Really cool party. I miss the Hispanic parties to be honest.... We then had dinner and from dinner we went to see the Millers. Got there and we saw the baby and how they were doing. Gave them some gifts and gave them a spiritual thought. Made our way out and back home. 

Sunday was a good day at Malta. Good testimonies and had a good Spanish Class. I love going to the Spanish class they are awesome. We did our studies after Church and hit slow again trying to contact people. We talked with a family and shared the Temple Open House and what the temple really is and it was pretty neat sharing it with them. We then had a Priesthood Leadership Meeting and we were trained on how we can better focus our efforts and the Hispanic population here in the Stake. It was one thing they stressed on a lot. We then ended the night with a Recent Convert and just visited with him. 

Monday was pretty cool as we spent the entire day before dinner in Elba just talking with people. It was pretty cool. Every door we knocked on let us in. Very unusual. We then came back to Malta to have our lesson with Elissa, Ethan, and Erik. We talked with them whether they had their answer....and Elissa and Erik are on board for Baptism this Saturday!! It's exciting!!! We taught everything that was left to teach them. It was a crash course, but well understood and guided by the spirit for sure cause we had no idea what to expect. We then ended the night with this cool guy we just knocked the door of and met. Hit it right off with him. 

This week has been crazy! I love it though!! I wouldn't trade any of this for anything in the World!! This work is so important and I truly testify of that with all of my heart!! This has been great and I love you all and miss you!! I hope everything goes well for you all and that you always remember to look up towards your Father in Heaven who has all answers for you!! Take care!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1-2. My Desk
3-4. The District
5. The First Vision Mural in Almo Bldg.

Week 49 - Training!! (10/2/2017)

Whew this week has been a blast!! So to start off with Monday. We had our preparation day activity and it was fun! We then went and had dinner and then off to a fantastic lesson with Erik, Ethan, and Elissa. They are so prepared!! They blow my mind every time we go over and share our message with them it's awesome!! We then visited with one of the active Hispanic families to see if they can help us acquire some information about how we can improve helping out the Hispanics here in the area. 

Tuesday came and it was the day of transfer calls. So excited I could hardly contain it! We went and did studies and then tried to see some people before dinner, but had little success. We had dinner and then went all the way to the corner of our mission to see the Miller Family. We had a great visit with them as we set goals to achieve. We then made it back to our place just in time for Transfer calls and they told me I'm staying in Malta....and.... TRAINING!!! I was so excited!! We found out some other things too and we now cover 4 wards!! Elba, Almo, Raft River, and Malta! They added two more wards for us! 

Wednesday was a day of packing for Elder Marin. He packed and I just read a whole lot to prepare for General Conference! We then tried some people, but they told us to come back another day. We then closed the night saying goodbye to some people.

Thursday, the great transfer day! So we drove to Twin Falls cause I had to be there for a training meeting. We got our training and they called us to go meet our companions. As we walked in we saw all the greenies and I was scanning through to see which one could I possible train. As I looked I saw one that I felt for sure would be the one I'd be training. And as they called my name and his, I knew I got it right. We went got his stuff did some shopping for him and we went straight to work. We found a new family that night and set a baptismal date with them which was really amazing!

Friday, we did a whole lot of planning finding out where we'll be for conference and introducing Elder Blaisdell to the area and missionary life. We had dinner and tried some people and invited them to watch General Conference and hopefully they did.

Saturday! The first day of Conference! We were spiritually edified as we watched Conference and partook of the wonderful knowledge that was granted unto us. We did a little training then watched the second session. We tried a few doors, but found no one. We then had dinner and watched the Priesthood Session! Oh how amazing conference was. 

Sunday was great!! We watched Conference again with some really awesome families. Correlated and had a huge lunch in-between sessions and then went and proselyted! We found 3 new people as we went and tried out some doors. It was a great experience for the both of us to find new people to introduce the Gospel to as they took our challenge, which our challenge came from the Prophet, whom received it from our Heavenly Father, to read the Book of Mormon the spirit truly touched them as they took the copy we had and shared with them.

This has been an amazing few days and I'm totally excited for the rest that come!! I hope you all enjoyed your week and are enjoying the moments you have with those that you love. I truly love you all and miss you all!! Have a miraculous Monday and week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1. Elder Marin and I
2-3. Elder Blaisdell and I

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Week 48 - Rain Rain Go Away (9/25/2017)

So this week has been a pretty fun week. As for last week went on a quick split to teach 3 kids who are progressing so well and are on date for Baptism!! It was so amazing to see how excited they were as we set that date for them.

Tuesday Elder Marin was still sick so we spent all day at home till he recovered and we saw one person that night. The Miller Family. They are an amazing family and we went all the way to literal corner of our mission and saw them (found that out today). 

Wednesday Elder Marin was feeling a whole lot better and we saw some families after our District Meeting which was pretty cool. We then went and saw some people and struggled to find people home, but nothing too unusual. 

Thursday we had our weekly planning and we were going to do exchanges that night after a Baptismal Interview. All things went well and I was in the area to lead it out again which is always fun. Got to drive through mud in our nice Nissan Rouge which is now caked in mud. Pretty nice if I say so. We saw some people and then called it from there. 

Friday the exchange went on and right as soon as 10 hit, we were out seeing people. Literally had the hardest time finding anyone at home. It made me sad. We unexchanged and went to find more people. Ran into a problem since Elder Marin held onto the other Elders' phone so we had to run back and give it to them before dinner. Had dinner and tried some of the names dinner gave us and found some pretty cool people. We then went to the Dairy and tried some people, but met with one family and talked with them which was awesome!! They are like the only family at this dairy that fully listen and engage!! It's awesome!! We then called the night.

Saturday we went into Raft River and still had the same struggle, but we talked to as many people as we could. Had some success talking to people outside and people telling us to come back so that's always promising. We then talked to some people who didn't want us to come back, but it's okay. We did what we could. 

Sunday came and it was great. We went to church and after church they had a potluck lunch and we got to talk with a lot of the members getting to know them and finding out who speaks Spanish. Cause that'll help a lot. We then came back and did all of our studies and had dinner and then went a visited a family and they are so hilarious! They are just great. They told us they were going to General Conference which is exciting!! We hope they have a good time there. We then came back and saw some someone we've been trying to teach, but haven't been able to since Elder Marin got sick, but he faithfully goes to church! So we set a time that we could come back and talk and also a Baptismal date! 

This week has been pretty good and something to remember! I come closer and closer to my Savior each week as I try to walk that path that he has for us. I encourage all of you to listen to Spirit and listen to the Prophet's voice that we so gladly get to hear every 6 months. I know we've got a living Prophet today who leads and guides us. He loves us and our Heavenly Father Loves us. I love you all and I hope you all have a great week!! 

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 47 - Laser Focus (9/18/2017)

So this week has been a really good week and a little slow one too. To start off with Monday, we had exchanges and we had the opportunity to go and teach three kids who are just way amazing! The youngest one, who is 9 is totally prepared! She is ready for baptism and the oldest who is 11 is starting to follow along!! It's so great. We then tried some people, but no answer so we saw our neighbor and asked if we could do any service for them. They didn't have anything ready for us then. 

Tuesday, the exchange continues and we went and saw a house over in Raft River, or as I like to call it the Peruvian house. We got to talking with one of the guys there and just had a really cool time talking with him. He brought a lot of questions and luckily enough, we had the answers to those questions as we testified of the Message of the Restoration. It was really touching. We then unexchanged and went and tried some families in the area, but had little to find. 

Wednesday we had correlation and we talked a lot about the Hispanic workers here in the area and as to how we can help them progress. It was a struggle as we were talking and trying to figure out ideas. We eventually just said we'll go by the spirit and that's what we did. We went and talked with one of the families out in the rain (more like sprinkle) and talked with them about how important this Gospel is for the family. We then saw some other people and shared the exact same thing. 

Thursday! Zone Conference!! Made the drive up to Twin Falls and had Zone Conference and had a wonderful time as we talked about readjusting our sights and focus. We then made the drive back in terrible rain and I did not like driving in it, but we made it back safely. We then had dinner and went and knocked on some doors in the rain (this time for sure rain). We got one family to open and we started talking with them and sharing about the Book of Mormon. It was really great as we talked about it and it's power in conversion. It was just great as we answered this couple's questions.  We then made it back to our place and called it a night.

Friday and Saturday... So my companion got sick and we pretty much stayed inside just so he could feel better and I did a lot of studying. Pretty cool things that I learned.

Sunday we went to church and came back and Elder Marin is still not feeling very well. He was just down and under. Luckily I haven't caught it yet and I'm hoping to keep it that way. Today is the same still and luckily it's preparation day where we can go and get him some medicine that will hopefully kill whatever bug he has. It's been a great week and I just wanted to let you all know that you are cared about and that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of you and that He loves each and everyone of you. I love you all and I miss you all!! Have a great week!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1-2: Rainbow
3: Sick Companion

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Week 46 - Into the Smoke (9/11/2017)

So this week was a pretty short week and a good week. So to start off with Wednesday since you heard what I pretty much did Tuesday. On Wednesdaywe had our District Meeting and we learned a great deal of things about finding people that are prepared by the Lord. So we tried putting these things into practice and went out to try and find someone new to teach. So after our District meeting we went and did some service for some workers in a corn field moving hand lines. I say, not the best thing to be doing on a smokey day. About near crashed cause of all the smoke. We then went and saw a few people later that evening and had some good visits. 

Thursday was the best day. Went back to seminary and had lunch with the students and shared the temple open house with them to get them excited about it!! We then had our weekly planning session and then took off to go to Raft River. We had dinner with a combined lesson with a new investigator that we just picked up!! And she's totally prepared!! It's awesome!! We then finished there and tried a house and ended up teaching someone in their car!! How cool is that!?! We had a good night that night and we came back and ended there.

Friday we went and tried contacting some people but didn't find any at home. We then had dinner and talked with a lady and then had exchanges. I got to stay in the area and lead it out again which was pretty fun.

Saturday we continue on the exchange and we did some service by tossing out some trash and wow it was disgusting! But fun! We then had a good lesson with our progressing family the Millers! They are stoked for all that is going on and they are excited!! We then made our way to Raft River and went on some visits with a Priest. We didn't get to teach any lessons, but I got to meet some people that we've been trying to meet with and some appointments. We then made our way back to Malta and unexchanged and Elder Marin and I went to try and find some people to visit. We stayed in Malta just so we didn't kill our miles. We finished the night with a really cool family and they are awesome! It's pretty great!

Sunday came and it was fun. Got to pass the sacrament with the Deacons in the ward and we then had really good talks and really good classes! We then had correlation and dinner and they were both good! We then saw Roy who is a Recent Convert and we read with him from the Book of Mormon and we went on talking about we he had learned! It was awesome! We then did our studies cause we forgot to do those haha whoops... and then had Stake Mission Correlation! Talked about some good things that will be happening here in the Stake and we're excited as missionaries to help out with those things!!

This week has been good and exciting!! I hope all is great with you all back home!! I love you and miss you all!! Take Care!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1. Exchanges with Elder Thompson

Week 45 - Run Down Shoes (9/5/2017)

So this week has been a fun and memorable week. To start of with Monday!! We had exchanges and I had a blast!! It was fun times.

Tuesday we went out and I was with Elder Farr from the other District for the day and we were in Raft River and we found a new person to teach!! It's so awesome!!! We unexchanged and we went about the area trying to contact people. Slowly my shoe started to break...

Wednesday we had District Meeting and it was really good. We came back into Malta and stayed here in Malta trying to get a hold of people. We tracted some houses in Malta and found a LA member and we were able to meet with her and her family and it was a really good experience. We then had dinner at the one little restaurant here in Town called Joy's place. Really good food. We then met with a family and ended the night there.

Thursday was a day of diligence. We tried so many doors to have some open, but no one to be there. It sucked so much, but we pushed onward and tried. We had someone open the door and I started talking to him and there's this AC unit right by me and I'm trying to speak over it. He couldn't hear me so I try again, and he told me he doesn't speak English. I was thinking to myself "I know,that's why I'm speaking Spanish." It was funny! We then had dinner and after dinner had some good contacts in and had another new investigator!! Awesome!!

Friday we had interviews! Got to have an interview with President Bartlett and it went really well. Went on another exchange and back to Declo! It was weird being back in Declo. It was really weird. We saw some people or at least tried and it was good. 

Saturday we tried seeing some people in the morning and had some success there with return appointments and things like that. We did some service for a member and she offered us some lunch and she fed us left over steak! It was really good! We then did some tracting at a bypass road and met some people then re-exchanged and I was back in Raft River. We tried some people before we had dinner come and pick us up and take us to their house. We had dinner and it was really good and we then went to go meet with the Millers. They were behind on some of their work so we jumped right in and helped them! It was fun digging through the garbage. We helped them and my shoe broke.... It sucked.... But it was well worth it!! 

Sunday we had church and it was really good. Fast and testimony meeting is always great!! We then did our studies after church and tried some people before we went to go meet dinner. We had dinner pick us up and we went to Utah!! Since our area is a little bit into Utah we had dinner in Utah!! We visited some people over that way and it was really great getting to know some of the people there. 

Monday since we had to proselyte we had some good times! We met with one of our investigators and set a baptismal date and he is excited for it! It's pretty awesome!! But after we had dinner had to make a drive to Boise and we got there at 9:15. Long drive! I made it though from one corner of the mission to the next!! Then made the drive back this Morning!! 

Well I love you all and I hope your week is going great so far!! I love you all and Miss you all!! Take Care!!
Elder Ruesch Sosa

1. District Activity
2. District

3-4. My old shoes

Week 44 - The Great Escape (8/28/2017)

So being on the edge of the mission is pretty weird. I am still trying to learn this area cause it is so huge!! And so spread out!!! I will get used to it!! But to start off with our week. So it really wasn't that interesting this week. We've been knocking on a lot of doors here hoping that the dairy workers here will be interested eventually. It's been a real struggle. We did get to see the Eclipse and it was pretty cool. We did find some new investigators that night (Monday) and we feel they are pretty promising. It's really different here in Malta! Like a lot of our work, is kinda slow cause these workers are always working! It's a struggle to get a lesson in with them and most importantly, to feel the spirit. We did have some success later in the week on Wednesday. We got to see a LA family and have lunch with them. They are pretty cool and we had some pretty good food. We tried seeing some other people, but couldn't. We then got to close the night with an investigator. We recapped the Message of the Restoration and helped clear up any gray areas and questions that she had. It was a really touching experience. I'm loving this area, it's a  little out there and right on the Utah border, but I love it! I love you all back home and I hope everything is swell for you in all that you do!!  

Elder Ruesch Sosa

I've also been working on some new piano music. For language study, I work double and I play the piano for my companion so he can focus and read. He's been reading some of the chapters of betrayal and dissension in Mosiah. So I wrote up a little something that fits. Sorry, it's too big to send. Love you!!

1-2: Watching the Eclipse
3-4: Mini Elder Marin
5: Strutting the Prep Day Clothes
6: Something I found in the Apartment...

Week 43 - Leash Loosed (8/21/2017)

Well this week has been a fun and crazy week! So last week found out that I was getting transferred, but not to far. Only to Malta, the edge of the mission! But I'm loving it here!! It was hard to say goodbye to Declo and the people, but at least I am close by and can go back on exchanges! So to start off, on Monday preparation day activity and we played chair soccer, totally dominated. Then we tried to see some people in Declo.

Tuesday we had to go into Burley to pick up an Elder cause his companion was going home. So we did that came back and we did service for a sister in the Declo 1st Ward. We then tried to see some people and had some success. Had dinner and then saw a family that I'm going to miss. We talked with them and found out how we could be better teachers for the husband. We then went to the English class and celebrated Horencia Morales' Birthday and did family History with them. We were able to get her Husband Rodrigo up and running to search for his Family names. It was pretty cool. Got transfer calls and I was leaving Declo for Malta. It was fun in Declo, but I'm loving Malta! 

Wednesday I just said a whole bunch of goodbyes to families that I'll miss in Declo. Photos will be provided.

Thursday off I went to Malta. I arrived in Malta with Elder Marin and we planned out the week and the day and off we went. We cover a lot of terrain and it's bug! I'm amazed by how much we cover. We go all the way down to the Utah border and then some into Utah! It's cool! Attempted some people and then had dinner pick us up in Sublett, which is an area, and then drove us to their house in Juniper. We had dinner and from there we went and saw a family and we got to meet them and share a scripture with them. They are awesome and totally prepared by the Lord!! We ended there cause we had to make our way back to Malta.

Friday came and we tried some people out in Raft River who didn't answer the door. We went out with a youth to save miles and give him some pre-mission experience. He liked it and we got to visit with some people. We came back to Malta and tried some others, but no luck. We then met with a guy who is getting married and we talked with him for a bit. Then made our way to the end of our boundary to meet with a family. We met with them and got to know them and all that cool stuff. Shared a message and then made our way back into Malta to end the night.

Saturday we tried some houses in Raft River and then went to the Midway Dairy to try some people. Had a nice little discussion with some people there at the Dairy. Then we met with a man named Armando and shared the Plan of Salvation with him. We then had to head to Idahome and have dinner pick us up and we went to dinner with the new family we found on Thursday and a member family. Had a great lesson and helped out in any way possible that they needed. We then made our way back to Idahome and headed back to Malta. Pretty crazy, but pretty fun!

Sunday came and we had to be up early for a meeting over in Rupert and we were tired. We then went to the Raft River building to do studies and had church there. Raft River is pretty cool cause they have a lot of Hispanics there and they are integrated so well into the ward. It's pretty cool. We then had correlation after Church and dinner. We then saw the Bishop over the Malta ward. And ended the night at Grush dairy trying to get to know people. It was pretty cool and different. 

I'm excited to be here I really have no other words to declare in this email. I love you all a lot and I miss you all!! I hope everything is well back home and that all is well. You're missed!! God be with you till we meet Again!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
1. WML Chad Harris
2. Thornton Family
3. Alvarado Family
4. Morales Family
5. Robertson Family
6. Gularte Family

Monday, August 21, 2017

Week 42 - House of the Lord (08/14/2017)

So this week has been a pretty interesting week. On Monday we had exchanges and I had a blast with Elder Farr who came into the Declo area. We saw a Less Active that night and an Investigator that night which is always a good thing! Tried to see some other people, but nothing too exciting happened. 

Tuesday the exchange continued and we got a lot done. We were able to contact some people and see some people we've been trying to see for awhile now. We also found someone new. Which is always amazing! His name is Jeff and we were the first missionaries he's ever met!! That was just awesome! We got to talk with him and we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon and he said he'd read it which is always awesome to hear! We then had dinner with a great family and after dinner we unexchanged. Then met with a family in the ward and shared with them the Plan of Salvation. It was really touching the Spirit that was in their home. From there we went and tried some other people, but nothing.

Wednesday came and we had our District Meeting. Elder Willis is going home soon and it was his last one. From District Meeting, we did our studies and met with a lady who is big into looming and we got to talk with her and loom/make yarn. It was pretty fun! We then had a correlation meeting with one of our awesome Ward Mission Leader and then had a good appointment with one of our investigators. He had a question regarding what Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians about Baptisms for the Dead. So we read it over with him and explained what it means and how in this day we apply that Doctrine. We talked about Family History and Temple work and it all made sense to him which is awesome! Then saw a family and ended the night.

Thursday we weekly planned and boy that was long.... We had dinner that night with an awesome family and what happened at dinner is hilarious!! So my companion spilled on his pants and had to get that washed off, then the Sister Spilled a glass of water and Elder Jones dodged it from spilling on him, the daughter spilled another cup of water on the table so that had to be cleaned up, and then their second youngest broke a plate!! It was awesome!! Fun filled dinner! We got some referrals to try and then went to our lesson with Ashley. It was great cause we got to talk about the Temple and doing guess what... Baptisms for the Dead! And along that line, family history. See where I'm going with the title. We then had English class and that went well! 

Friday came and we spent a day in Springdale!! We tried seeing a lot of people and we got to see a few people. We then saw one of the families we were trying to work with when I was with Elder Posadas. We got to talk with them and they were moving out so we offered to come back Saturday when it wasn't raining. We then tried some other names and had no success so we tried out our neighbor and visited with him. We ended the night with one of the Bishops over one of the Springdale wards. 

Saturday we did a lot of service. We helped the family pack up and move out and it was quite fun. We did service up to dinner. Had dinner and then tried to visit some families. We then contacted the rest of the night and tried to see some people.

Sunday!! Pretty only highlight from Sunday was sacrament meeting. We went to Church and all the talks were focused on Eternal Families!! It was awesome to hear all of the great things that came from it!! 

Yea this past week was pretty good. I love you all so much and I miss you all!! Hope you all enjoy your week!!! 

Elder Ruesch 
First two are from a family in the Declo 2nd ward. Assuming I got transferred. And the other two are Elder Willis' last District Meeting

Week 41 - El Espiritu Santo (08/07/2017)

So this week has been a very interesting week. To start off, last week we went referral contacting and got to know a few of the referrals that we have. 

On Tuesday we did service for Suzanne. We helped her clean out her shed and get rid of some stuff and we also had a small run in with some hornets/wasps. Luckily she had a spray that kills them so we were able to kill a few.... We helped her out for quite a big chunk of our day and we then did some of our studies. We did that and tried seeing some more referrals that we had and no success there. We then had dinner at the park with a family and it was really good. We then went and saw a family and talked for a little bit. We then tried another family and talked with them for a bit as well. From there we tried seeing some other families, but no success there. 

Wednesday we had Zone Conference. It was really amazing to hear all the training's that every body gave. We talked a lot on the Holy Ghost and it's role and our temporal and spiritual well being. It was really amazing. We then came back from Twin and did a little comp study and dinner. We then contacted our neighbor who's been gone for a little while. We talked with him for a bit and then we took off for our appointment with Rodrigo. He has been investigating the church for awhile and we went over to go talk about the Holy Ghost and his role in conversion. It was really amazing and different to see what was going on in that lesson. We left for him a Chapter in Alma to read and he had read it and had a lot of doubts (in reality questions) about that chapter. As we were answering these doubts of his we told him that they really aren't doubts, but questions of wanting to know more. We kept talking and he seemed enlightened at the stuff he was learning from that chapter. We then went and saw another family that night and we read with them the Family A Proclamation to the World with them. We shared what we really like from it and what the role of a family is in God's plan for us. It was really incredible to see them open up and talk about their family with us. We then tried seeing some other names that we had planned, but we were only able to catch up with Ashley! They had just gotten back from swimming/fishing and we talked with her at the door. It's really amazing to see that new spiritual glow about her and you could definitely tell that her husband can see it too!!

Thursday was our planning day!! We had to go to Twin first cause we needed something in our car replaced. So we made it to Twin and got what we needed done in our car then came back and planned all day. We planned and had a really good outcome on our planning. After planning we had dinner with the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency and his wife and it was really delicious! We then tried a few names that we had planned for the evening and we caught them home. It was really awesome!! A few of them had to take off or only had a little time to meet with us, but it was all good! We then went to the English class and met a new lady in the class. Her name is Rosy and she's from the Rupert area. She was having a great time in the class and we had to explain something to the class in Spanish cause they didn't understand it in English. Elder Jones was talking with one of the instructor's so I translated it into Spanish and I caught Rosy by surprise. She didn't think that I could speak as good as Spanish. I then told her how I knew and she wants me to say hi to my mom and that my mom raised me right. Shout out to you mom!! LOVE YOU!!

Friday came and it was a lot of referral contacting and trying to see people. WE were able to contact a bit of the referrals again, but one of them we completely just kinda strayed. So this referral built his own Western Town on his property. So we went through toured it, took some photos and just got explorey. We then tried a few more people and then made our way to our dinner who happens to be related to Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles!! They're brothers!! It was really cool to hear his mission experience with his wife and all the cool things that they did as a senior couple. We then got to end the night with Agustin and the Alvarado family. We shared with them The Family A Proclamation to the World. It was really nice cause this was the first time that the entire family sat in a lesson. It was amazing to feel the spirit in that case. 

Saturday was a great day. So we did our studies that morning and then had a baptism that day. The Albion elders had a family that was being baptized and we got to see it. It was a long baptism cause there were some fear with the youngest child about getting baptized. When he realized he had to go in all the way and not freak out about it. So it took him awhile as we waited. And while we were at the Baptism, guess he showed up.... My first companion!! It was really awesome to see him as he came up to visit the mission. It was good to catch up with him. He also got to talk to President Bartlett cause he was there for the baptism and then to have interviews with us. We had interviews and I had a really good interview with our mission president. Challenged me to go on a run and I'm excited. It's been forever since I ran. I kinda switched to other things in the mornings. After our interviews we went to go get ice cream and we ran into one of our families at the Little Classroom here in town. We talked with them and they ended up buying us ice cream and we got to talk with them and see how they're doing. We have a good service opportunity with them here soon. We then had dinner and from there we went to go invite people to Church. Then we closed the night with Agustin helping him write a talk. 

Sunday came and went. We were in church for the majority of the day. We attended the Springdale wards and had the opportunity to translate for fast and testimony meeting. But when we heard the things we missed in Declo, I almost started to cry. Ashley got up and bore her testimony and she has huge stage fright and when she told us that, I was just amazed and so sad we weren't there. Then Horencia, who is the wife to Rodrigo and is a member, she bore her testimony in English!! She had been prepping all week to do it!! I almost cried a kid you not. After church we had first dinner with Selena who is an investigator. She was throwing a party for her daughter Alison who just turned 3. We then had an appointment with Ashley and we were able to talk about the temple. Then we had second dinner with our Ward Mission Leader's family in Declo 2nd. From there we just tried to see people.We then found a lady home and we started talking to her at the door and she is pretty cool. She's in her 80's and has had a lot of good influence from the church. We started talking about her family and shared the importance of families. It was pretty cool.

Well here we are today and it's the last week of the Transfer!! I don't know what will happen as for this next transfer, but I'll go wherever the Lord needs me to go. I love and miss you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
1-3: Old Western Town

4: Sunset in Declo with a fire...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Week 40 - Healing Water (07/31/2017)

So this week was kinda short since you heard from me late Tuesday. But to start off, this week has been absolutely wonderful!!

On Wednesday, we had a final lesson with the mother and daughter (Ashley and Neisa) and it was just so amazing to see how prepared they are!! No lie they are just so ready and they definitely were. After that we took some time to study and then we went to an older lady named Suzanne and visited with her. We took one Agustin with us and we were able to find out what has been on her mind lately. She isn't sure if she meets with is because she wants to do this or if it's because of her kids. So we were able to figure that out and we have been helping her answer that question since. We then visited with some people and then had dinner. From there we had an appointment with one of our investigators and we went in talking about the Plan of Salvation. We tried our best to answer his questions, but we aren't very good teachers and some of them, we just don't know how to answer. We then contacted some names after that and had little success there. 

Thursday came around and we had planned pretty much the entire day. We totally let time slip away from us and we had just planned out everything from beginning to end. We are definitely prepared for this week that's for sure. We then had dinner and tried contacting some people to no success. We then ended the night with the English Class. Really good class that night. 

On Friday we were able to catch some people home and we also attended a funeral with Agustin. It was very different being in the room. You could sense who knew the plan of God and those who didn't. It was very different. We then had some good success catching people home and we were able to meet with them. We had dinner and then we tried some things that just didn't work out. We then met and finished the night with Agustin. We talked about how things went in the lesson with Suzanne and how we can improve those things. 

Satuday!!! BAPTISM!!! Oh I was about in near tears just seeing the Ashley and Neisa get all dressed in white for their baptism. It was a real honor to be able to see them take this step. We had the baptism in the morning and then from there we tried seeing some people. WE had little success but we made do with what we got. We had dinner at the Little Classroom, which is the only restaurant in Declo, and then from there we tried to see some people. We then played some baseball with these two boys whom we promised we'd play with. They beat us 5-3. It was a good game. We then tied in how life is like baseball. It was pretty neat. We then ended the night with a family in the ward.

Sunday! Ashley was confirmed a member and was given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was really amazing!! I was near tears again. We had church and we got to go to Primary. We were asked to play a role as one of our favorite characters in the Book of Mormon and how our choices impacted our lives. It was pretty cool. We then tried seeing some people and had little success. We did get to correlate with one of our mission leaders and we discussed the area a little bit and how we can improve on it. It was great. 

This week has been pretty great and we are excited for what next week will bring!! I love you all and miss you all so very much and I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

1. Primary Dress Up
2-5: Baptism Photos!!