Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 26 - Food...Too Much... (4/24/2017)

So this week has been a very productive week and quite an interesting week. We've been getting work done left and right at times it's hard to keep up. Starting on Monday, we had a nice meet with a Part Member Family in the ward and got to talk with them and discern how we could help them. It'll be fun being able to help them. Then Tuesday rolled around. on Tuesday we did a lot of contacting and visits. Only were able to get a few people contacted, but none of the less still work done. We had English class that night so I could become better with my English. For at the moment, it's not really good. Got to help translate some things cause one of our investigators is going to see the Idaho Falls Temple Rededication with a Member and that has us excited!! On Wednesday they changed our District meeting to that day so we were there learning and things like that. We then went to contact again some more people, but came short to what we had in mind. But we did catch someone we've been looking for in a very long time. We both had this impression we should at least try this person so we did. We knocked and accidently knocked on the wrong door. I grabbed the directory and started to look for the name of the son cause he is listed there. I found out the address and we were one door away. We got out of the car and when we were, his son was just getting back from Mutual with a friend and it was perfect timing. We almost went home, but decided to look again. So we met with the dad on the front door and talked for quite awhile. It was a really good discussion and had a really good get to know you kinda deal. It worked out in the end and he wants us to come back. That had us excited!! On Wednesday we got a little crazy! We went to Seminary again!! This time to follow up with the Seminary students to see how they were doing with Sharing the Prince of Peace! They were doing pretty well and had enjoyed it. And luckily for us, they were having Mission Week. Where they were preparing themselves for missions by obeying some of the mission rules. It was pretty awesome and right after that we went to do service in our nice clothes. We were helping a member put up some fencing around his house which was quite fun. Then we went and had a really good first lesson with two new investigators!! YAYAYA!! We met with them and Shared the Prince of Peace video with them cause it works all year round. It is a gift that keeps giving! On Friday it was the same deal! We went to Seminary and right back to doing service with the one member. We then met with a less active family in the ward and talked with them till we had to go home. Saturday was our most exhausting day ever. On Saturday we did a lot of service for people. We first started off with the Quintero Family who are investigators and we helped them move in their new stove and clean out a carborater with the help of a member(Mainly him doing it cause he knew how). Then we helped out another investigator moving some pipes along her house so she [can] water her lawn. Then after that to help another investigator clean up his yard and mow his lawn. So we felt achieved and very, very tired. We ended the night with the Declo First ward youth fundraiser/auction. We had one of our investigators show up and we talked with him for a long time and saw him enjoy the auctioning going on. IT was intense!! On Sunday, it was church all day and meetings all day. 3 Wards is difficult to cover at times, but it is a true blessing. Well That is it for my week. I love you all and hope all is well with you at home!! Enjoy your week everybody!! Sigue Fuerte
Elder Ruesch Sosa 

Dinner with a family in Idaho (4/22/2017)

Here is a picture that was sent to Jeffrey's mom via text:

"We just had them over for dinner!  Such great missionaries and a great message shared. I love getting pics of my missionaries.  It just doesn't happen very often!  Thank you for raising such a great missionary."

It is nice to see that he is being taken care of up there.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 25 - Surprise! (4/17/2017)

So this week has been a good week. We had the opportunity to share the Prince of Peace with a lot of people this week. We've seen some good things come from. So one highlight for this week was when transfers came around and I got my new companion Elder Posadas (who's my mission brother)!! It's been a really fun last few days being with him. We just got right down to work! So we were able to come in contact with a few new families that have been taught before, but haven't seen missionaries in forever. So we dropped by and dang they were happy to see us. It was quite amazing to see that look on their faces. And it was all in the matter of catching them home on Easter Sunday! So the past few days were rough to start just cause when a small town has something going on, everyone is there! So it was a tad bit hard to catch people at home. It wasn't until Saturday that it started looking up. We went to a few parties and it was a good thing that we did. We ran into some non-members and an investigating family that we've been trying to get a hold of for a while. We set some appointments up and made our return. Of course we caught them leaving again, but we shared a simple message with them before they left. So this week we were also challenged to place all of our Prince of Peace cards. So we took that challenge and executed it swiftly. At the Easter Parties we shared it and handed our cards to all who were willing to take one. And on Sunday we handed it out to each Auxiliary. Since it's a little difficult covering five wards we left a stack at the other building and said "Please Take". We went to see how many were gone and all but 17 were gone!! Just yesterday alone we handed out 210 pass along cards for a beautiful message that keeps giving every time of the year and the best part is we placed every card into someone's hand so they could give it to someone who needs the message of peace. Elder Posadas and I are doing amazing things here and we are so shocked that we are serving together. Brothers united for this course of action in the Declo stake!! This is exciting to be serving here in the Declo Stake. At times a little stressful, but we make do with what we got and push forward! I love you all and I surly do miss you!! I'm looking forward to see what two years has done to you all!! See you in two years!!! :D
Zone Bowling last Monday

The Bro and I

The Bro and I
Something I found while on Exchanges
Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 24 - Sickness...again (4/10/2017)

So as for this week...I got sick again. A little stomach bug that just killed me insane. So we mainly stayed home and didn't go out much. But the one time we did, we ran into a YSA investigator who lives just down the street from us, He was on his dirt bike and was heading off to go ride, but we caught him and he pulled over and talked with us. He told us he wanted to be Baptized!! That was pretty awesome to hear that!! We set up an appointment with him to talk and have one of the final lessons with him. We were able to do that with the help from and RM and it was just spiritually uplifting. We also had a good lesson with another family that is investigating and shared with them the Prince of Peace Initiative (which if you haven't watched it, I highly recommend doing so) and they loved it. We asked if they would like to become members and they said they would love to! Another awesome thing that came out of me being sick!! We also got to talk with the Seminary classes and that was pretty fun! We brought up the new Prince of Peace initiative and how they could make an impact on the world through their sharing on social media. It was pretty astounding how they were willing to share it right then and there to everyone on their social media. It was pretty awesome. Other than all of this cool spiritual stuff there really isn't more for me to say. Being sick sucks though while on the mission, I can tell you that right now lol. I love you all though and sorry that my email is so short and other things like that. And that my English is no good. I'm working on it. Oh another thing speaking of languages, I got to translate yesterday for testimony meeting and that was surely fun. It was a little difficult keeping up with a few people, but I managed to do it none of the less. It was pretty fun. But Have a great week everyone!! I Love you all!!!
Elder Ruesch Sosa

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 23 - INSPIRATION (4/3/2017)

Well this week I have learned how prayers are answered. Through General Conference, members, and the Scriptures. So I've had a question for the longest time and this week I had it answered several times...and I mean several times! But I've also seen how it works in the life of one of our investigators. To start off we've done a lot of service this week. It has been awesome!! No I didn't fall of of a tree and hurt myself... Maybe just off of a porch that was 3 feet high into mud.. Yea that sounds about right. We worked with a member in constructing his new house. We were leveling all the dirt around the house so that when it rains, it doesn't form a mote around it. He had two of our potential investigators there as well helping out and we got a talking with them about the new Easter initiative! Awesome right?!?! I love being able to talk in Spanish like you have no idea. Both of them could speak English, but Spanish was a lot better for them so I had an excuse to speak in Spanish. We had a fun time talking with them and working with them throwing around some jokes and things and sharing the Easter Initiative with them #Prince of Peace!! We also did some service earlier in the week with an investigator whose dryer broke. So we showed up with a member and started to help fix the dryer. It was a tight fit so I vaulted myself up and over the dryer and behind it to start repairing it. The hose in the back came unplugged and wouldn't stay on the dryer. So we got two clamps and put one on the front and the other one on the back of where it would rest and tightened those two together and it stayed shut!! YAY!! She was so grateful for that and we also shared a quick message with her about how prayers will get answered and sometimes after a trial of our own faith. It helped her a lot with that quick message and when we saw her yesterday, it really did help. This week was just full of service and stuff so I really don't have much to add. Sadly no lessons, we're working on that but one thing that we did get to do was teach the Gularte family about Eternal Families and it was amazing!! The spirit was there and both the mom and other sister were following along in the lesson and asking questions when they were inspired to ask. It was a wonderful, wonderful occasion! I don't really have any much more to say, but that Prayers do get answered!! They may come in the most weirdest ways or aren't the answer we are looking for, but they do get answered!! Oh one more thing...General Conference!! How could I forget! We watched General Conference with 4 different members and each one fed us. We feel completely fat... But other than the food all the sessions were really amazing and inspired! I loved what they all had to say, but what President Uchtdorf said about fear really stuck out to me. He said " Change will only come when we over come fear and reach towards the love of Heaven. Only then will our hearts change." He then gave ways we can overcome this fear, but that was surely powerful to hear. All were inspired talks and things that were aimed to everyone in a different way. It is my testimony that these things are true and that our Father in Heaven loves each and everyone of us. I love you all and I can't wait to hear from you!! Te amo, te amo, y te amo!! Muchissimo!! 
Elder Ruesch Sosa
Agustina's Baptism

Agustina's Baptism

Saying goodbye to a really great member who was our neighbor