Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 31 - Success in Unplanned Things (5/30/2017)

Well this week has been a rather different week.We had some weird success in things that were unplanned. And the success we had in planned things was small. To start off will be with the planned things. So we had a planned lesson with a hopeful new investigator that wanted to learn more about the Gospel. She came in and ready to learn and just open up to the spirit. It was pretty neat and amazing to see her willingness to learn the Gospel. We shared the Restoration and the Spirit was there it was amazing. The next one and the last one we had was sharing the Restoration with a lady (notice all these are girls...) who has met with missionaries, has been searching and wants to know more. We brought a couple with us from the Ward to go with us into the lesson and the husband of the couple is not a member. So he sat quietly as his wife bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and of the Restoration which is what we taught. It was awesome to hear it and just feel of the spirit that was in that room. 
Now for the unplanned success. So we've been doing service for this one guy for a really long time and we had nothing falling through and no one was home when we went contacting. So I felt like we should go visit him. We caught them just as they were getting home from the store so we helped them take their groceries into the house. It was neat experience talking with him cause he opened up to us in ways we didn't think of. He opened and talked about soccer and then onto the Atonement of Christ. It was just cool as he asked questions about it and other things. And the next one which was pretty neat was yesterday's cool experience of when we were driving in town. We saw a moving sale sign and thought to check it out. We got unto the street and saw a member cleaning her yard so we pulled over and started talking with her. As we were talking, Elder Posadas noticed that the neighbor seemed to be moving in. So we asked the member what she knew and she had said she was moving in all today and yesterday. So we decided to go and help her out. We went to help her out and she was very thankful for us stepping into help. It was just her and her three daughters that were moving out of Burley into Declo, hoping to keep it permanent. So we talked with her for awhile and stated our purpose and left with her our number. She invited us back once she is settled in. So we then went to the gas station afterwards and starting talking with some members and an investigator of ours was there so we got to talking with him. We talked and he invited us to come back later in the day to talk. It was awesome unplanned things cause that was all unplanned. We originally planned to go contacting and instead we just hung around. It is awesome seeing what great things will come to pass. Well cause I am short on time today I just want to let you all know that I love you all so very much and miss you!! Hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Ruesch 

Sunset here in Declo (not as pretty as A.V. though)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 30 - The Revival (5/22/2017)

Well this week has been quite an interesting week. To say none of the least, to begin with the weather... We have seen sun, snow, rain, fog, ice, and wind all in the matter of 5 days :)..... That is Idaho for you. Well to start off the week I "ran" into a family while I was on exchanges that is actually from home. Related to the Ebmeyer family from home I ran into Brenda Anderson up in Elba this week and it was great to talk with them and see how they love it up here. As the week went on, the weather got crazier. On Monday we saw snow...in May....I'm sick and tired of snow.... We tried to accomplish what we could in the snow, but it was so crazy to see people. The weather was that bad, but we made due and tried all that we could. We ended up just trying to see people and had little success. Thursday though, is the day that I truly love. We had our mission tour!!! We got to meet Elder Bennett of the 70 and he got to speak with us and we got to learn!!! It was spectacular all that he had for us. No tablets, but just a wealth of knowledge just flowed out from him directly from the Lord for what we needed to hear. He also challenged us during our lunch break to go and street contact and apply some of the things that we learned to the test. We got right to work and went to the area that was assigned to us and we tried doing the contacting. We ended up finding a trailer park and we went contacting there. The first person we ran into, was an old man, with no shirt on, bald heavy set, and he called himself the Anti-Christ. It was a very interesting experience. We started to walk by and he started to approach us to only cuss us out, call us some choice names, and then spit on us. Quite interesting guy. I held my tongue so much during that cause I knew I was going to be witty with him and that it wasn't' going to be of the Spirit. We laughed at it and just kept walking. We then made some other contacts and met some really nice people. It was pretty cool. We returned back to the building and just started to take in more knowledge as it came. We then returned back to our area of Declo at about 6ish. When we had left it was like 7:30 in the morning to be in Twin Falls. We got there right on time for everything. And when we had left, visibility was only about 50 feet because we had a nice fog that had settled over in Declo. I was hoping that by the time we got back, it would be gone. We got back and luckily it was gone. The rest of that day was trying to see some people. Then Friday came and we started kicking it into gear. I don't remember much of Friday aside that it was a good day. Saturday on the other hand I do remember. We got to work. We met with a lot of people that we haven't seen or met with before/in awhile and it was just amazing to see all the work that we did. We planned a whole bunch of names, and we saw all those names. We don't know how we did it, but we did it. It's probably cause we didn't take a dinner break. We just went to work and just worked all day. Sunday came around and it was just full of meetings. We were at church more hours than I can recount. It was a good Sunday though. We had one of our investigators from one of the wards show up and we talked with him and scheduled an appointment with him to come and share another message with him and his family with a member. It was great to see that take place. And we also got a little trunkie with what all the talks and lessons were about that day. If anyone can take a guess as to what it was, it was all about marriage and happiness within the marriage. Elder Posadas and I got trunked out and he just remembers talking about missing his brothers wedding that is coming up soon. But we eventually shook it off and got to work. After Church we took off and just visited with people it was awesome. I got to meet a Less Active who knows he should come to church, but is taking it slowly. He gave both Elder Posadas and I some Cologne cause he has a whole bunch of it and doesn't use it. I promise I won't be using it to pick up any girls here (Mom and Aunt Kathy) :)
After words we met with another family who is an active member family and we did some correlating with them as to who we are teaching and if they had any people for us to see and they did and we went and contacted those names, but none of them were home. We ended up seeing a family that just started a business in town and and we got to talking with them. It was pretty sweet getting to know them. The husband is a member, but one that has fallen away and seems to know some deep doctrinal things which was really interesting. He still believes that the church is true, just loves a few things contrary to the word of wisdom. Really sweet family though. We then ended the night and the week meeting with another family in Springdale and they opened up to us. We talked with them for a good amount of time and we just talked about how they met, their interactions with the church (cause they are Less Active), and all sorts of other things. It was really awesome to see as Elder Posadas and I just got to asking inspired questions. It was sweet to say none of the least. Well that is my week for you and I hope your week has been fantastic just like how all of you are. I love you all and I hope you stay safe!!!! I also miss you all too!!!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Week 29 - Death and Resurrection (5/15/2017)

Well this week, I died.....and was brought back.........with medicine........ Well to start off I have really bad allergies to nature (more like the country) and it has been killing me. I then got sick because of it and I'm on the recovering end of it. But anyways, this week has been a trial of not appearing sick to everyone and taking a lot of allergy medicine. On Tuesday is we had inspections and it was awesome!! Our place was the cleanest and they loved it!! It was great to hear that from the mission. We then went on some visits, but wasn't as successful. So we ended up just doing service. It was pretty fun doing some service cause we got a lot of it done. We then had dinner and then did some contacting. Tuesday my voice was a little shot, but I tried to still make it out. On Wednesday it was all just service. It was crazy good!! We then had dinner and a really good lesson after our dinner. We then did a hike to meet with the youth and talk about the Aaronic Priesthood and then answered some of their questions that they had. It was really awesome! Thursday is when I got hit the most. I woke up and I was just dead. I couldn't move and I was soo cold I just laid with my blanket on the couch dressed in my proselyting clothes. That day we only did one thing and that was just let me get better. We had one appointment that I didn't want to miss or cancel so we went out and met with Agustin. It was crazy cause when we got there he told us that he was worried about me. He remembered how bad my allergies were and was making sure I was alright. He is so awesome and it has been awesome getting to know him. On Friday I finally called the mission nurse and told her all that has been going wrong with me and she told me to get medicine right away. So I got medicine started taking it and was slowly getting better. I still am pretty bad right now, but I am doing a lot better cause I can at least get out of bed without a problem. We then did some more service and went contacting afterwards. We met a really nice family and got to talk with them and get to know them and for sure we'll be going back. We then had a really good lesson that night with two investigator families and it was awesome and spiritual. You could definitely feel the spirit in both lessons. The first one we did with members present cause they are really good friends with the family that wants to start learning the Gospel. We were talking and their daughter got her mission call to serve in my home mission!! The mission of Rancho Cucamonga mission!! I was so excited when she had said that cause I was just surprised how coincidental that is. The family then arrived and we had a good lesson about the Restoration and wow the spirit was definitely there as we bore our testimony and the members bore their testimony's of the Restoration. It was quite powerful. We then had a really great following lesson with an Hispanic family and it was really great. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it. It was a really great lesson. On Saturday we did even more service and we got crazy. It was pretty fun. But we were freezing cause it dipped back down to cold weather. We then tried some families, but no one was home. So we got our Skype set up with a family and a dinner as well which was awesome. The Sunday came around and we had really good talks about Mother's Day and it was pretty awesome to hear all the talks to later talk with our moms!! We then got to talk with our families and it was awesome!!! I really miss them, but the time will fly by. And I'll be home. For now, my mind and heart are here to help the people I serve. As the great story found in Chapter 18 of Alma shows, when we serve others, they will come to know for themselves of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I love you all and I hope your week is awesome. I sign out for now and hope to hear from you soon!!
Elder Ruesch
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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week 28 - Service and Family (5/8/2017)

To start off cause I might forget this at the end of the email. If anyone has photos they would like to send me via email, please do so. I'm building up a digital photo album and photos are appreciated. If you have any photo of the two of us together, in a group with family or friends, or just of you solo that you'd like to send me, please feel free to do so. 
Well to start off, this week has been a crazy roller coaster ride full of service, fun, and laughs! Well on Preparation Day last week we hiked city of rocks which was really fun!! No Missionaries harmed in the process. On Tuesday we opened up and did some service for a potential investigator. It was quite fun cause we got to do yard work like mowing the lawn and mainly just cutting things. Things guys like to do. And again I promise, no one was harmed in the process. We then tried contacting afterwards and nothing again. Diligence and patience are key here as I proceed. The next day we did service with the same person again and helped out with simple things. We then did our studies cause that same morning was our District Meeting. Then we had our appointments all fall through and we spent another day of contacting which turned out semi-successful. The next day rolls around. And we got to visit with one of investigators on the porch cause it was a really nice day outside. Really beautiful day. We talked with her and shared a message then had to leave for dinner. Then after dinner, we had another appointment fall through so we went and contacted. And we found a family. We started talking with them just getting to know them and we found out that two of the daughters are not baptized. We were like yeah! Being diligent reaps its rewards!! We then ran across town to our appointment with Agustin and it went really well. We talked with him about the Plan of Salvation and kinda just made it a discussion like circumstance. It was awesome!! Friday then yet again turned into contacting... Days like that are hard. We ended up contacting and then we were going to do service, but the guy wasn't there. So we went and helped out a member. He was installing some hardwood flooring into a house and we helped him out with it. It was pretty cool to learn how to do all that. Then changed for dinner and the rest of the night we finished out with service. We helped out a member help out one of our investigators with his Quad. He was able to get it up and running and we were excited along with our investigator. Saturday was a successful day. We went out contacting with plans and wow the day was a blur. All I can remember is seeing people, talking, setting up return appointments, and getting to know a family. It was by far awesome and crazy. I can remember seeing a lady outside in the cold and me and my companion didn't have jackets on so we ended up freezing in the cold. That I do remember cause I remember all I wanted was warmth. Sunday was an amazing experience just getting to hear all the testimonies of people and translating those testimonies. I got to translate again in Sacrament meeting. I jinxed myself too cause I didn't think the person was going to come cause the meeting already begun. But he showed up and I hurriedly got it all set up to translate and began translating. After church we had dinner with a member which was great cause breakfast for dinner, went and gave a blessing, was asked to speak for Priesthood commemoration, and got 3 new investigators that we ended the night with. We talked with them for a long time just getting to know them, share experiences, music tastes, studies, work, you name it. We then shared the Prince of Peace with them cause that message is always a great one to share. We then left and called it a night. And here we are today. This week was a blur and I'm pretty sure the next one will be too. I love you all though and I hope you take care in the weeks that come!! Say something nice to your mothers as well!! They deserve it!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

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Week 27 - Tiredness... (5/1/2017)

I think this week has been the most tiring week of being on a mission. There have been days where both me and my companion both fell asleep and have tried to keep the other awake. The only way so far to do that has been to shoot the other... It may sound bad, but I promise, no one was harmed. But to start of this week, I really can't remember much from last Monday... So Tuesday we had a really good day that day. We had a good day and some good contacting!! We contacted a referral and we had a good get to know them talk and shared Moroni 7:45 that talks about Charity. One of my favorite scriptures. We then met with a member family that has a lot of insightful Doctrine insights. Then we had a correlation meeting with Declo 3rd. They gave us a lot of referrals and the goal is to contact them right away. We then had dinner and a really good quick meet with one of our families and then off to another set appointment with a really great family. We taught them what the Book of Mormon is and how it can help us. Then we went to English Class. Wednesday we went to the temple!! We didn't get back into our area till like 9:24 PM. We hauled to get back cause we had interviews after wards and ours was the last. But none of the less we made it. Thursday was another good day. We did some service and then did a quick contact with someone and off to dinner. We then did contacting and to end the night helped out Agustin with his talk for Stake Conference!! Friday went right back into it and helped Agustin again with his talk and wow it was a really powerful talk!! We then did contacting and had dinner. Then after dinner our appointment fell through and we went to contacting again which was good cause we got to meet a new investigator!! Really good meet with them and we then went to meet a Hispanic family that we've been trying to meet with and we finally did!! Saturday we went and just visited with members and tried some contacting again. We had some really good meets with members and then Stake Conference at night. President Bartlett spoke and it was really good. He made a joke at the beginning since we were translating for Stake Conference and he thought I was translating his so he made a remark that would try to get me to translate a hard word, but thankfully I knew it. Sunday stake conference again and the only thing I can remember is the final talk cause I was translating it, when it started talking about Charity!! It was pretty awesome!! We then had a special meeting that night about boundary changes and we lost a lot of really good member families and some of our investigators. :'( It was saddening, but oh well. We then ended the night with a member family for dinner. Cause we didn't have dinner yet. That was my week for you all sorry no photos, but I promise I will have photos to come!! Hope your week is good and I love you all!! Take Care!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa