Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week 37 - Fiestas!! (7/10/2017)

To start out with Transfers... SO I have stayed another transfer here in Declo and I received a new companion. Elder Jones!! He's been out as long as Elder Posadas. So far, this has been a great three days. We've been enjoying this area and a whole bunch of things will be coming up this transfer. So to start off with last week. The fourth of July was pretty awesome, but not very productive. Everyone was partying and hard to catch them. We tried, but to nothing. We had dinner and ended the night with a family in one of the Declo wards who was really happy to have us over. And the best parts is, they would love to do splits with us!! It's awesome!! We then ended the night there and had transfer calls!! 

Wednesday rolled around and Elder Posadas went around saying his goodbyes to the members and investigators in our area. It was really hard for him to say goodbye, but when I leave, it'll be tons harder. I'm going on my fourth transfer here!! This will be pretty fun!! He said his goodbyes to a lot of people and we then came around to Thursday!

Thursday was transfer day! We got into Rupert and from there I was in a trio. We just hung around Rupert cause it made no sense to go back to Declo and stay there when they would be coming back real soon. We then got our companions and off to our areas we went. Helped Elder Jones unpack his stuff out of the car and then we went to work. Showed him around and got him acquainted with a few of the people we are working with and trying to work with at the moment. Then ended the night and came back and he unpacked and settled in. 

Friday, we went to work again and tried to see as many people as we could! We got to crash a family reunion and say hi to a family that we've been seeing in the area. We then talked with another family and then another family. Up until dinner. Had dinner and then had a good lesson with our boys Rigo & Adan and taught them the first two points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great!! We then met with a family that we've been trying to work with. The husband was the only one home so we got to talk with him and to see if he was ready for Declo Days! Then we called it a night.

Saturday!! DECLO DAYS!!! It was pretty awesome!!! They had a parade and everything and food, and music, and all sorts of great things!!! We saw a lot of our investigators!!! It was awesome!!! We then went and tried seeing some people with success we did catch people home!!! Great day, just really hard to explain it!!

Sunday rolled around and we had a great sacrament meetings!! All good things that we learned. Had dinner and attained a whole bunch of referrals!! We then had a meeting at 8 and it was wonderful!! This week was pretty slow, but really good!! I'm loving this area and I am excited for this transfer to come about!!!  I love you all and I miss you all!! Have a great week!!!

Elder Ruesch

Saying goodbye to Elder Posadas

Parade highlights

Parade highlights

Parade highlights

Train at Declo Days

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