Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 36 - Date ?? (7/3/2017)

This week has been a really good and crazy week. So to start off with last week. We were playing soccer for Preparation Day and it was hot! Then all of a sudden a random storm comes through and it starts to rain far off in the distance. So we took our activity to the church and as we were closing, it was raining in Declo!! Crazy how it became hot and then raining. 

Well Tuesday came and went. It was a tad bit crazy that I only remember two things from it. We had a good lesson with a family who is a Part Member Family. The dad is the only non-member. We watched the Prince of Peace with them and they liked it. It was hard to keep the kids focused cause they are all so little (the oldest is 9). It was difficult, but the dad did open up to us. Then from there we went to English class and it was good that we were there. We had to do some translating.

Wednesday. Had a good District Meeting and it was pretty cool. We then went out proselyting since we were out of miles, we were having members drive us to places. We had a good lesson with a mom and daughter. We had ward missionaries there and we taught the plan of Salvation. We closed the lesson and the mom asked if we could stay for a little bit as she asked us some questions. The Ward Missionaries did an excellent job of answering those questions. The spirit was so strong in that moment that we asked if the daughter could come back as we had a question to ask both of them. We asked them if they would be baptized July 22nd and they both accepted!! It was awesome to see and feel how powerful that spirit was. The daughter was so excited she went off running and screaming saying "I'm going to be baptized!" It brought so much joy and peace to my heart to see that excitement. And I know as well the mom was excited and could feel that same peace. We then went from there to another house and visited with a family that just got home from Utah. We invited them to church and hopefully we'll be seeing them there. We then went and knocked on some doors with a youth and had no success. We then had dinner and from dinner we went to mutual. We taught missionary work to the youth and got them excited to go and prepare. Elder Posadas also talked about Honduras and cooked some food from his home country. It was really good. 

Thursday rolled around and we went and did service for an investigator. He was taking out his carpet and he needed help so we enlisted ourselves. We spent quite some time there that we lost track of time. He also left the Mexico Germany game going to and so we also got to hear how that went. Sadly, Mexico lost ;'( It was disappointing, but we got the carpet all out. His house looks so different. We then saw some people and had a good lesson with our two boys who are progressing so much. We took the Primary president with us and wow they were blown away with how great they are and they're knowledge of the Stories in the Book of Mormon. It was a really great lesson there.

Friday came around and we were disappointed so much. All of our appointments fell through and we were just running around trying to see people. And same thing with Saturday. We had no success those two days and they were pretty hot days too. We did a lot of walking those two days.

Sunday rolled around and we had meetings left and right. We lost our day to meetings. But we had a great dinner with Agustin and his family and we did some role plays of missionaries and door contacting. It was pretty fun and we asked Any (wife) and Victoria (daughter) if we could share a message with them next time we come by and they said yes!! So we are excited about that!! We are going to get this done!! 

So this week was fun and I look forward to this week! We have transfers this week and we don't find out till tomorrow what happens. Hopefully I can stay another transfer with Elder Posadas! We've got a lot of good going on here and I'd hate to leave it!! Well anyways, Enjoy your week everybody and enjoy the Fourth of July!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa
Candy looks like Idaho
Bowling score. Elder Ruesch v Elder Posadas

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