Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week 38 - Summer Days, Summer Nights (7/17/2017)

So this week has been pretty great. We've hit a lot of heat in the area, which is a tad bit un-normal, but it's great none of the less. To start us off with last week. So we had a great few visits with some of the people we are working with and we set up appointments for them so we can come back and see them. 
Tuesday came around and we had our District Meeting and then some other things we had to do. Had to run back into town and get our car checked out cause the little tattle tale box wasn't working. So we ran into town and they had to order a part for us. We then had a good lesson with a Less Active and we got to visit with her for a bit. Had dinner, then we saw one of our other families who is active, but the husband is not a member of the church. We went over and set an appointment for this week. We then went to the English class and helped out in there and called it a night.

Wednesday strolled around and we had a really good appointment with our most progressing investigator by far. It was so amazing as we got to teach baptism and why it is necessary with the right authority. As we got on talking, they already explained what baptism was and why it was needed. They beat us to it. We then had dinner and from there tried some people, but they weren't home and so we went to our appointment with another investigator. We were going to read a chapter with him, but instead we ended up reading 15 verses of the chapter and went on to explain a little bit of the Plan of Salvation. This week, we'll be going over that with him. We then tried some more people, but to no success. 

Thursday rolled around and we weekly planned and we got a call that the new part for our car was in and that we could go get it replaced. So we went after we planned and we spent hours in there. Apparently when they got the part in and turned our car over, it blew out one of the main fuses and our car had to remain overnight. My hate for the tattle tale box, immensely increased at that point. We ran late to dinner cause we had to get someone to pick us up. We got to dinner and ate, then went to an appointment with our Ward Mission Leader and it went really well. Our two boys are really progressing. Had the English class and then we correlated with our Ward Mission Leader. 

Friday! We had another good appointment with our really progressing investigators and it went really well. We brought the Bishop with us and he helped us out with it. Before we left they called and said our car was ready. We asked Bishop if he could take us and he said that he could cause he needed to be in town already! Perfect timing! Had lunch in town and our tattle tale box still isn't working. Stupid thing. We came back and tried some people and we talked to Suzanne who has been investigating the church for awhile. We then went and had dinner. Got some referrals and we tried some people, bu nothing exciting. We then finished the night with Agustin. 

Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we contacted all day and we had some good success. Met with some Less Actives and talked with them and invited them to church. On Sunday we did the exact same thing and contacted all day after church. We were nearly dead cause we attended Four Ward Councils in two different buildings. We did a lot of running back and forth. We're tired, but we are alive. 

This week was pretty awesome and We are looking forward to the more weeks that come in this transfer. Next week our Preparation day has been moved to Tuesday. I don't know when I'll be writing home, but I will write sometime that day. I love you all and Miss you all!! Hope you have a fantastic week!!!
Elder Ruesch
The District
Me and Elder Jones

Me and Elder Jones

Elder Posadas, Elder Conner, and myself

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