Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 32 - And it Came to Pass (6/5/2017)

This week was too much like a blur. I hardly recall anything. The only thing I can recall is the temple re-dedication. The re-dedicated the Idaho Falls Temple and wow that was a really neat experience to see. For a moment the Stake Center became a part of the temple which was awesome. We also got to meet with a few people yesterday and had some good meetings with them. The only other thing I can remember is one lesson that we had with an investigator. We went in hoping to teach the Plan of Salvation and all that fun stuff, but she presented us a few doubts and concerns that she had about some things. We addressed her doubts and tried our best to share the Plan of Salvation in its simplest terms to help her understand and luckily the spirit touched her and made it manifest that we were teaching helped her understand a little more. We left her with some homework and  hopefully she'll read it to understand it. Well I'm sorry for my poor memory and all that other stuff, but to compensate I have photos from my boredom lol. But anyways enjoy your week everyone and I love you, I love you, I love you!!! And miss you too!!!
Elder Ruesch
More boredom
and more boredom
Mature? Older?
Mature? Older?
Catching Companion off guard

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