Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 33 - Rain, Rain and Sun (6/12/2017)

Well luckily this week I can remember it a lot more. So to start out with Tuesday, we got some stuff done. We did some service for one of our investigators and it was a lot of work. We did a lot during the week with him. We then went and visited a little bit with some single sisters in the ward and we had a good visit with them. We then had dinner and it was really good. We then had a good meet with a Part Member Family and got to know some of the kids and we were invited out to the baptism of the 8 year old. We then ended the night with another sister who is an investigator and we taught The Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized on July 1st!! She said that if she gets her answer by then, she'll be baptized. And then my birthday came around. We had inspections and it went well. The inspectors loved our place!!! We then had a district meeting and we gave a training and it was really good. We then went and did service for a sister and it was good thing. We then had a correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader in one of the wards and had dinner with him. We then had a decent lesson with an investigator. And then from there we went to meet some other families. We talked with a family outside as they were wrapping out cleaning their yard and we talked with them for a bit about it and set up a time to come back. Went and met with some other families and called it a night. A good birthday and thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday! The next day we had a really good lesson with another Part Member Family and we taught the Restoration. It went really well and the spirit was so strongly there. We did it outside and when it came time for the First Vision, the spirit was poured out. It was very powerful. The rest of the day was contacting. We then had a good lesson the next day with an investigator and we read with her a chapter in James chapter 2. It was really awesome and she totally is prepared. We then went and met with a less active and he wants to help us in the missionary efforts her in his ward. It's awesome how he wants to help us. Then that night we went on Exchanges and on Saturday we went and met with some families and went to the baptism that is mentioned above. It was really well and we got to talk to the daughter who was baptized and got to confirm the Holy Ghost upon her. It was great. Then the rest of that day we were teaching, leaving spiritual thoughts, all over the place. We then unexchanged and talked about our days. We then had Sunday come around and it was full of meetings. Every other hour we had meetings with different auxiliaries. We were hungry. We Had meetings and then later got to see Agustin and watched Mormon Messages with him. This week has been really great and thank you so much for the support from home! I love you all and miss you!! Hope you're all doing alright!
Elder Ruesch

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