Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Week 35 - Hispanics Come to Play (6/26/2017)

So this week, I have noticed a lot how terrible my English is. You could even ask my companion. There have been times where I start speaking in English and automatically the next few words that roll out are Spanish. So I'm thoroughly enjoying having to watch myself as we are in lessons or as we are talking with members. So to start out, this week we played soccer for our District activity last week and it was fun!! I loved it finally getting back onto the field and playing felt so great again. The following day we had a lot of good things turn out. We had a good first lesson with a 12 year old boy who is interested in the Gospel. He's pretty interested, but we'll see where it goes from here. Then after that we contacted some people, got rejected, and you know normal other stuff. We then had dinner with a family and went to go see another family, but we caught them as they were having dinner so we just dropped in and said hi and saw how they were doing. We then had a first good lesson with another new investigator. We taught him with a member family and this member family let us know about him. We were pretty excited to hear that he wanted to listen to us and see what the Gospel has in store for him. That night we had exchanges and I was with the District Leader. He had to make sure that I was working and not being lazy and a slacker and that I was behaving. You know, the me that I am. 

So Wednesday started out and we went to go meet with someone to do service, but he wasn't ready for us that day so we kinda just talked and set up a return time for us. We then went and tried some people after lunch, but no one was home until we caught someone just before one of our lessons. So this guy we've been trying to catch at home for a long time and we finally caught him on Exchanges. We had a good little meet with him and got to know him a little better and other things. We shared a little thought with him before we took off for our lesson. We got to our lesson and we started right away. So we are teaching this girl who's 8 and her mom who isn't a member. The girl wants to be baptized cause she has a lot of friends that are members and she as well wants to be. Her dad is a member, but not active. So we taught the first lesson awhile back and we were initially going to teach something else, but instead we answered a whole bunch of questions that she had about the Gospel. A lot of them relating to the Atonement of Jesus Christ and as to why it happened, why we needed it, and what does it do for me. It was really awesome to see that desire to learn more from the both of them. We then tried out some other people that we've been trying to see and caught them at home. We then had dinner with a family and we had fajitas which is always good. We then had some of our appointments fall through and we ended up contacting for a bit. We then ended the night with another investigator and we just did the same thing. We answered a doubt that had and she felt at peace with the answer that we gave her.

Thursday strolled around and we had our Zone Conference. A lot of good things came out of that and one them being that we can't take the Book of Mormon lightly. It is an essential tool to help others learn about the Gospel. It's one of the ways we can know for ourselves if this Church is true. Hence why it is called the Keystone of our Religion. Everything weighs on that book. After we had our Zone Conference, we then came back and saw a few people, but nothing really exciting. 

Friday we had a really good lesson with an investigator and from right as soon as we got there, it was question after question, doubt after doubt, answer after answer, and peace. We had answered some of the doubts and questions that she had and a few that we couldn't answer cause at that moment, we couldn't answer here then and there. We are only 19 and 20 year olds. We then weekly planned for our investigators then had dinner and we didn't even finish weekly planning. A chore for Saturday to finish (which we did). We then had two good lessons to end the night. We taught our little boys (as to what we like to call them cause they are awesome) and read with them from the Children's Book of Mormon and it was so amazing to see that desire that they had to read more from it. We then watched an MTC talk with Agustin titled "Feed My Sheep" by Jeffrey R. Holland. It was an amazing talk and wow we all loved it. 

Saturday came and went as we did service, on a roof, in the blazing hot sun, painting it... It was so hot up there I was glad to get down. We then saw some people, but nothing so exciting. We then contacted some people we've been trying to contact for weeks. We then ended the night with a family that is moving pretty soon. I am surprised, we haven't shared anything with that family at all, but they keep wanting us to come back. And they even invited us for after the mission to have dinner with them and see their new house(cause it's outside our area). But wow that was pretty awesome.

Sunday was epic. We had three investigators show up to Sacrament and two of them were our little boys. They enjoyed sacrament meeting and primary especially! It was awesome. We then had lunch with a member family and tried seeing some people after that. We then had a quick correlation meeting with our Ward Mission Leader from Declo 2nd and dang he's on the ball of helping us out. We then had dinner with a member family whose son just returned from serving his mission. We then tried some people after that and met with Rodrigo and just talked with him. His wife left with her sister for vacation time, before their son comes to visit them. So we talked with him and invited him to the English class on Tuesday. We then ended the night with Agustin talking about missionary work and how we can all do missionary work without the name tag on. We watched a little bit of the First District Videos and he enjoyed those. It was a good week this week. No it was a great week. 

I love you all and I hope you enjoy this week!!!

Elder Ruesch

Our Hispanic Bench Press

Our Hispanic Bench Press

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