Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 34 - Here Comes the Sun (6/19/2017)

So this week has been quite an adventure! To start off with last week! We had a great lesson of what the Book of Mormon is and  what stories it contains inside of it to two boys! They truly loved how we presented it and want to learn more. They come from a Part Member Family and they have the sincere desire to learn more. So last night we stopped by again and visited with them and shared the message of the Restoration. They were quite intrigued over the Priesthood Authority. The oldest boy (who's 11) said, "So the baptism I had is invalid cause the church didn't have the Authority to baptize.... Well I wanna be baptized into the right Church that has that Authority!" We were amazed over how he and his brother caught the concept of Priesthood Authority. It blew us away. We extended the baptismal question and they both said yes right away. They are so ready for this Gospel and for them to take this path, will surely influence their family! 

On Tuesday we had a few great lessons. To start off we helped Agustin out with the Sacrament prayers. He wanted us to come over and help him say them cause he wants to be sure that when he reads it, he reads it right. So we read both prayers and he recorded them so he could listen to them and get the annunciation of every word right. We then just went out and tried some doors and ran into some member families and had good visits with them. We then topped the night with a very great lessons with one of our investigators. We went over to help her understand how she can receive her answer through feelings and the Holy Ghost. Cause that is his ultimate goal. To testify of Truth and of Christ. It went very well as we had a member with us and he testified to her that she can receive that answer through the feelings that she gets when we come by, or when she reads the scriptures.

On Wednesday we had a good time. We had our District Meeting and Interviews with President. Everything went smoothly and was just a very wonderful experience. We then did some service around town helping mow lawns, clean up the yard, whatever it may be. Right now my parents are probably wondering why I didn't do that all the time back home. Sorry mom and dad. We then had a good lesson with another investigator that day and we taught The Plan of Salvation to her and taught what is our purpose here on Earth. She grasped it, but is still having a hard time understanding Baptism. We didn't have a dinner that night so we kinda just ran from place to place testifying of Christ and until we came to our last stop for the night. We went to a members home, who they are Less Active, and we started talking with them and they themselves had just gotten home. We were talking and they had asked if we had eaten. Elder Posadas said yea we did and the follow up question came of what we had. We were busted at that point. They made us some dinner cause they themselves had not eaten and we talked with them and then came home.

On Thursday we started off with service again. We did a lot of service before we struggled over our weekly planning session. We had our weekly planning and barely finished in time for our dinner appointment. At dinner we were give a lot of referrals of people we could try to visit. It was really wonderful. We tried some names that night and couldn't catch any of them at home. So we turned to our area book and pulled out a name and visited them. We caught the entire family at home, but just as they were about to leave. We set a time for when we can come back and then tried else where. We then tracted out some apartments and talked with a guy named Bennie. He told us he only has 2-5 years left to live and we just talked with him. He's a really nice guy and has been through a lot of things in life. 

Friday we had a good lesson with an investigator who has definitely been prepared by the Lord. We taught her The Gospel of Jesus Christ and before we could even finish extending the baptismal question, she had told us yes I will be baptized. It was awesome to hear that cause it totally threw us off! We were amazed and we extended her a date for when she can be and she accepted. We were amazed by how the Lord prepared her. We then went and helped an investigator paint his trailer and got to talking with him. We invited him to our Preparation Day activity (today) of soccer and he said he'll see if he can come. He's in his 40's but has kids that play and we told him they are welcomed to come as well. We then tried some other people that night and just had appointments set up and a little correlation with one of our ward mission leaders.

Saturday rolled around and we were out contacting all day just trying to catch people at home. A few we caught at work or just before they were about to take off and we had set up an appointment to return. We had some good visits with families and had left them with Spiritual Thoughts to uplift them in this trying time they are going through. We did some contacting and set up appointments. Pretty much all we did Saturday.

Sunday....A day full of meetings...We about died...We spoke in Springdale 2nd during sacrament about Member Missionary Work. It was awesome and we hope that we got the members excited to go out and do some missionary work. We then tried some people after our meetings were all over and caught one of members home in which we haven't seen him in like forever. We talked with him and told him we missed him at church. He told us they changed his work schedule and that he works a crazy shift which has him working Sundays during Church. He's trying to get it switched, but nothing yet. We then had our wonderful lesson that is in the first paragraph. Then we ended the night talking with another one of our ward mission leaders. We talked about the area and what good things are happening. 

So that is my week for you all and I hope it isn't too bad of English. I struggle at times to get my English out correctly. Well I love you all and I hope you all have a good Summer Break to all of you who are on Break!!! I love and miss you all!!!

Elder Ruesch Sosa

Some pretty flowers
When it rained last week

When it rained last week
Cool Vial that a member gave to us
New Craze of the world #FidgetSpinner

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